Rotary Hoeing

The Dingo Rotary Hoe has a full one metre cut and digs to approximately 150mm in virgin soil. Hoeing is done with the machine in reverse, so you can clearly see where you are going and you aren’t running over freshly tilled soil.

Because the Dingo's ground speed is hydraulically variable (with the flow divider), the hoe can be worked at a speed relative to the toughness of the soil being hoed. This allows fine hoeing, regardless of the soil condition. With this facility, the Dingo Rotary Hoe truly becomes a “one pass” hoe.

Hydraulics also mean that the relief valve is the safety valve - there are no shear pins or other damaging devices. Ideally, the Dingo Rotary Hoe is suited to tight areas like gardens, nurseries, new estates etc. The Dingo Rotary Hoe is more than simply a soil tiller like most other small hoes on the market. It hoes as well as a larger tractor mounted unit.

Another common use for the rotary hoe is for loosening areas where dirt has to be removed, for example, if 150mm of topsoil needs to be removed to allow cement, chipbark or other material to be laid, then a rotary hoe can loosen the topsoil and the bucket can remove the dirt, thus leaving a clean flat bed for the new surface to be laid. This is a lot better than using rippers and a bucket.