10 Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Diggers

20 June 2017

Even though mini diggers are in high demand today, you may still wonder about their capabilities. We offer 10 frequently asked questions below and their answers to further your knowledge on these diggers.

1. Do mini diggers perform as well as the full-sized ones perform?

For most tasks, mini excavators or diggers perform as well as their full-sized counterparts do for the same tasks. At times, these mini diggers can even outperform larger machines since they can operate in areas of limited space.

2. Are mini excavators highly versatile or do they have limits to their functionality?

Mini diggers are highly versatile since they can operate various attachments to perform a wide assortment of tasks, including the following:

  • Trenching
  • Rotary Hoeing
  • Post Stump Holes
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Moving

3. How efficient are mini excavators for rotary hoeing?

Mini diggers with the rotary hoe have a cutting width of one metre, and they are capable of digging about 150 mm of soil. Also, since these machines perform this task in reverse, they never travel over the freshly hoed soil. As a result, the soil stays loose for landscaping or other purposes.

4. How deep can a mini excavator dig for post stump holes?

A mini digger can dig to a depth of up to 2.2 metres and a diameter of up to 600 mm. The hydraulics of this machine allow it to utilise even large augers.

5. What are the dimensions of a mini digger?

One model of the mini excavator measures 1035 mm in width, 1600 mm in length and 1200 mm in height.

6. How much weight can it transport?

Mini excavators can safely lift about 130 kg or more depending upon the model.

7. What is the turning radius of a mini excavator when it has the 4in1 bucket attached to it?

The turning radius for this machine with a 4in1 bucket is 1300 mm.

8. Does a mini excavator damage the landscape in the same way that full-sized ones do while they perform various tasks?

The mini diggers do minimal damage to the landscape, if any at all, since they are lighter weight than their full-sized counterparts are, and this is part of the reason that these machines are preferred by contractors on numerous projects.

10. Is a mini excavator efficient at moving soil?

Yes, the mini digger is highly efficient at moving soil. In fact, it will excavate, carry, spread and even level the soil.

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