Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Mini Diggers

24 August 2022

Today, we’ll examine some of the numerous frequently asked questions regarding the functionality and use of a mini-digger. Being in the excavation business for so long has shown that practically any piece of equipment can be incredibly effective in the right hands. Therefore, despite their diminutive size, mini diggers are capable of doing the job, can fit in small spaces, and are portable.

What Jobs Can Mini Diggers Do?

Hiring a mini digger will prepare you for a variety of residential and smaller-scale construction projects. They are not advised for large-scale operations since their buckets are too small to dig more slowly. Don’t expect to be lifting industrial size loads because the cabs are smaller and lighter. On the other hand, mini diggers are ideal for sites with restricted access or on single plots. They are best in small-scale dirt shifting, patio renovations, and domestic landscaping.

Can I Operate a Mini Digger Myself?

Mini diggers have a lot of benefits, including being simple to use and not requiring a formal license when employed on private job sites (although you will need a license if you plan on driving it on a public road).

They are relatively simple to master due to their excellent manoeuvrability and straightforward controls. But be mindful; if you’re not careful, they’re still capable of doing great harm. It is suggested that you hire an operator to do the digging for you if you have any concerns or need more complicated work done.

Do I Need a License to Use a Mini Digger?

Mini digger operators must be knowledgeable and skilled in their use and study and comprehend all offered manuals and information. Legally speaking, operator competency is ultimately the responsibility of the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

Can a Mini Digger Remove Stumps?

A mini digger can remove a full stump if it has a stump-removal mulching head. The correct mulching head won’t just cut it cleanly on the surface; it will mulch several inches or even a few feet into the earth. Although you might not think of a mini digger as being able to remove a tree stump quickly and easily, it can do so with the correct attachment.

How Deep Can a Mini Digger Dig?

You should be able to dig anywhere between 10 and 14 feet deep, depending on your mini digger. Smaller mini diggers, weighing 4,000 and 6,000 pounds, can often dig down up to 10 feet. Larger mini diggers within the 10,000- to 12,000-pound weight restrictions can dig up to 14 feet deeper. A mini digger can be used for many smaller and more specialized digging activities, such as footings, even though it might not be the most effective method for excavating a basement, for example.

Is it Best to Just Hire a Professional Mini Digger Operator?

In most cases, hiring a professional operator like Melbourne Mini Diggers is the most practical decision you can make. Our team has the skill and knowledge for any excavation needs. We proudly offer excavation, post holes, trenching, soil moving, and small access services. Call us now on 0439 734 991 to talk about your needs.