FAQ: When Do I Need a Mini Excavator for My Project?

10 October 2022

When starting a new project, getting caught up in wanting to use the latest and greatest machinery available even if it’s not always the best equipment for the job is tempting.

Mini excavators have become popular over the years as more individuals learn about the numerous advantages of using these small, tough machines. Don’t be fooled. While mini excavators are smaller than their full-sized counterparts, they are deceptively adaptable and can handle your smaller heavy-duty work!

Mini Digger vs Excavator: Which One Do I Need?

While both a mini excavator and a mini digger serve the same general purpose and are simple to operate, several differences in the mechanical design will determine which type is most suited to your job.

If you require extra reach and power from your machines, a mini excavator is the way to go. Excavators are built for a variety of commercial and industrial tasks such as excavating holes and trenches, cleaning debris, and lifting huge items.

However, if you only need to lift smaller loads or are doing minor landscaping, a mini digger may be a better option. Mini diggers make earthmoving simple. They may be utilised in tight locations for a variety of tasks, including the removal of soil and rubble from extremely sandy and swampy areas. Mini diggers offer reduced running expenses and easier manoeuvrability than larger diggers due to their tiny size.

Small Footprint

Because it uses less fuel, the mini excavator has a substantially smaller environmental footprint than ordinary excavators. Another advantage of the smaller engine is that it runs considerably more quietly than its larger counterpart!


The diminutive size of the mini excavator makes it highly manoeuvrable in tight locations where a standard excavator would not be able to operate.

Because of its boom’s ability to reach into nooks and crannies, there is less need to change or demolish buildings or structures to get the trash or rubble to be cleared. These miniature machines are also lighter, and because of their small overall size, they may be readily carried from one location to another.

Who Can Operate Mini Excavators?

Compact excavators are simple to operate, but you must first have expert instruction before using the equipment. You may need a licence to operate a small excavator in Australia, depending on where you live.

Mini excavators feature the same full range of motion as bigger units, including 360-degree turning cabins for convenient loading and dumping. If this is your first time operating the equipment, test it in a safe location away from risks and people before bringing it to the job site.

Whether you are a contractor or a project manager, you should always consider renting a mini excavator for works or sites that may require one. You can learn more about mini diggers by reading some of the other FAQs.

The beautiful thing about mini excavators is that they are suitable for project-based rental. Hire a mini excavator from Melbourne Mini Diggers. For the best price, you can select from a variety of the most recent compact excavators in a variety of weights. Call us at 0439 734 991 to discuss your needs or fill out our online form.