Hiring Mini Diggers for Your Excavation and Trenching Project: What Makes it a Cost-effective Choice?

14 January 2020

Almost all excavation and trenching projects require a lot of machinery and manpower for the whole project to be finished. These machineries can get quite heavy and would usually consume a lot of energy for them to function. Fortunately, there is now a solution to the long-time problem of construction firms. Mini diggers are now becoming popular since they possess numerous qualities that make them ideal for excavating projects. They are mostly used in digging, […]

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Remove Annoying Tree Stumps with a Dingo Stump Grinder

16 December 2019

Sometimes, we tend to overlook some details of our yard or properties when we first move there. There are instances where a property would look flat and clean, only to find out that there might be some hidden obstacles along the way. We just discover them whenever we build an additional storage room, garage, or home extension on our unused space. One of the most common obstacles in our property is tree stumps. When a […]

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Hire Mini Diggers for Site Preparation Projects and Access to Tight Spaces

04 December 2019

Different construction sites entail different needs. With the continuous rise of properties all over Melbourne, most property owners find ways to add value to their homes or commercial buildings. A lot of people would also love to excavate some parts of the sidewalk to eradicate utility posts and bring the power cables underground. All these mentioned construction services may want to have the same thing on the site. Mini diggers have been around for a […]

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Dingo Rotary Hoe Specifications: Perfect for Gardening and Landscaping Projects

20 November 2019

Gardening and landscaping need various equipment to get the whole project done. Previously, people who are working for this kind of project use shovels and hoes to cultivate the land. But with technological advancements, machinery like mini diggers is used to do the same thing at a faster rate. One specific mini digger that is often used for gardening and landscaping projects is Dingo Rotary Hoe. This specific machinery is often used by landscapers, contractors, […]

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Versatility and Functionality: Qualities that Make Mini Diggers Stand Out

04 November 2019

Most construction projects require heavy-duty equipment just to get things done. However, if a project is too small for this equipment, what should you do then? Are you going to get a shovel and do it on your own? Melbourne Mini Diggers offer the most versatile and functional solution to dilemmas of property owners who just want to level the soil or dig a small hole. With the use of our Mini Diggers, you can […]

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