Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Soil Moving Equipment

24 October 2022

The size, scope, and alternatives offered in the earth-moving industry are tremendous. When hiring a service provider, customers may be inundated with choices for varied machine kinds, rates, and inclusions.

When looking to engage a provider of soil moving equipment, the team at Melbourne Mini Diggers has put together a brief checklist of factors to consider. This guide can help you prevent expensive site delays and ensure you get the right equipment, service, and pricing. When selecting a service provider, be sure to ask these four questions:

Is This the Appropriate Equipment for the Job?

Having the appropriate equipment is crucial for your job. Melbourne Mini Diggers, take the time to learn about your project’s goals to provide the appropriate machinery for hassle-free completion. When things are simple to use and flexible enough to respond rapidly to changing circumstances, especially on long-term projects, things run more smoothly, are more affordable, and the environment on the job site is better organised. Your machine’s adaptability, the scope of its capabilities, and any accessories that would speed up the job should all be discussed with your hiring firm.

What are Safety Working Procedures?

Our customers must always feel safe and secure using our equipment. Always request more information than simply the owner’s handbook from the manufacturer. Along with machine familiarisation for the operator, Melbourne Mini Diggers will go over a checklist of safe operating procedures, compliance papers, and manuals for each machine with you. Don’t forget to enquire about a hiring company’s credentials. Request documentation of any licences and permits needed to deliver the equipment on your property. We have a great deal of expertise with uncommon or difficult jobs. To prevent delays, be sure the hiring company can manage difficult site access or remote areas.

What Is the Machine’s Servicing History?

Concerning all pre-hire and de-hire requirements, we take great pride in the upkeep of our fleet and collaborate closely with our servicing partner. Upon request, you can view all of our service logs and records. You can also get access to documents, risk assessments, and service histories. Your Melbourne Mini Diggers team representative will inform you of any maintenance that must be done on the machine daily, weekly, or monthly while it is on your property when you receive it. Maintaining the safety and productivity of your workforce requires regular pre-start inspections, preventative maintenance, and lubrication. We are with you every step of the way to assist you with this.

How Old Is the Equipment?

A machine’s age directly affects how reliable it is because as it ages, it is more likely to experience malfunctions and general wear and tear that raise the likelihood of failure. Melbourne Mini Diggers always offers dependable machinery across our entire fleet because we recognise how important it is to have machines that fulfil their promises. Always enquire about the age of the equipment before hiring it and take into account the implications of older machines when comparing hire packages.

Contact us, and we will be happy to help if you have any questions regarding our excavator range or would like to discuss the particulars of a job you have.