The Growing Popularity of Mini Diggers in Excavating and Trenching Projects

17 October 2019

Over the years, mini diggers have become increasingly popular because of their versatility and their usefulness in construction projects. Mini Diggers can be equipped with different attachments wherein the two main attachments are for digging and demolition works. Other attachments include augers, buckets, compactor plates, compactions wheels, and rippers. Being relatively small, mini diggers contribute a lot to both large and small construction projects. They can operate solely or as secondary back up for other […]

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Mini Diggers: Excavation and Trenching Equipment that Maintain Both Power and Flexibility

09 October 2019

When it comes time to dig into a trenching and excavation project, you are going to want to have some serious power on your side. Unfortunately, many residential and commercial properties can’t withstand the sheer size of a traditional construction excavator. Where does this leave you? Reaching for your shovel? While you can certainly dig out a trench by hand, we don’t advise it. Instead, you should head to Melbourne Mini Diggers to explore our […]

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How Do Plumbers and Electricians Benefit from the Use of Mini Diggers?

24 September 2019

When you are a plumber or an electrician, your job can take you into some pretty interesting parts of a person’s home. Unfortunately, the bulk of your work has to do with digging underneath their house or into their yard. Plumbers and electricians both have to access points of a property that are secured away, typically beneath the soil in the front or back of a home. Instead of wasting time hiring an excavation team, […]

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Use Mini Diggers for Trenching Without Damaging Pavements

09 September 2019

There are many different ways to approach your next trenching project. You could, of course, hire a large piece of construction equipment from a local business. You could also approach performing your trenching by hand. While both of these options are valid in their own way, they are far from the most effective option to pursue. Instead, you should consider renting a Mini Digger for all of your trenching needs. As you’ll soon find out, […]

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When Large Equipment Won’t Work and will not Fit: Hire Mini Diggers for Your Project

20 August 2019

When you are staring at a large construction project, but you lack the space to bring in the proper equipment, you have to find a solution. In these situations, you are going to need a ton of flexibility while still retaining enough power to excavate, trench, and otherwise work the land on your project. In these situations, you are going to want to turn to a team of Mini Diggers. What are Mini Diggers? How […]

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