Understanding the Differences Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

02 July 2019

While we all love having towering trees on our property, sometimes they can become a nuisance. After you’ve had a tree cut down, you are left with a giant stump. This giant stump could be an eyesore or a danger to people operating in your yard. Whatever your reason, you need to get that stump removed. At this time, you have to know whether to have the stump completely excavated or simply ground down. Today, […]

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Driveway Project: How Can Hiring Mini Diggers Save Time and Money

17 June 2019

There are few better ways to improve the curbside appeal of your home than by installing a new driveway. While driveways seem like relatively simple utilities, they are actually fairly difficult to install without a bit of help. If you are considering putting in a new driveway, you came to the right place. Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, we understand how important the right equipment can be to your job. Today, we are going to […]

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How Can Mini Diggers Help in Plumbing Projects?

03 June 2019

Taking care of a plumbing job isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Typically, if you are working on a plumbing project, your goal is to quickly and effectively address an issue. For plumbing projects that don’t require immediacy, you’ll still want to get the job done efficiently. In either situation, you’ll find that renting or buying a Mini Digger can help to alleviate your burdens. Mini Diggers are phenomenal excavation tools that can fundamentally change […]

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Solve Soil Crusting Problems Using Dingo Rotary Hoes

20 May 2019

When it comes to dealing with soil-related problems, Melbourne Mini Diggers can be of assistance. When working with soil, there are numerous issues that you have to pay attention to. One prominent issue is known as soil crusting. Soil crusting is essentially a barrier that forms on top of your soil. This crusty barrier is comprised of compacted, brittle soil. This soil can become both loose and friable which can turn your next project into […]

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Trenching for Irrigation and Plumbing: Hire Melbourne Mini Diggers for Maximum Efficiency

06 May 2019

Tackling an excavation job can be an intimidating task. After all, you are going to have to use a machine to tear apart your yard. We use the phrase ‘tear apart’ lightly, of course, but the job itself is tremendously physical. Trenching for plumbing and irrigation installation can be an involved task. In order to tackle the job, you are going to need some industrial help in a size that you can manage. Enter Mini […]

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