5 Things that Should Be Done Before Commencing Excavation Projects

27 April 2022

One of the most important parts of any construction project is excavation. Excavating must be started and done properly. Before starting any excavation work you must make sure that you have done all the preventive measures before the commencement of the excavation work to avoid exposing the excavating employees to possible injury. Excavation projects present a particular set of hazards which is why you must familiarise yourself with these 5 things that should be done before commencing excavation projects.

Provide safe Means of Access to Egress

The excavation employees must be well informed of the egress. Marking the location of the egress before commencing the excavation project will inform the employees beforehand which way to go to exit if anything unfortunate happens. So, before commencing your excavation project you must provide safe means of access to egress and communicate it to the excavation employees and contractor. Providing safe means of access to exit must also go hand in hand with preparing a contingency plan as well as rescue procedures. And this should be strictly done before the start of the excavation project.

Know the Type of Soil

The type of soil varies in every jurisdiction, that is why knowing the type of soil before starting the excavation project plays a big role to prevent the potential risk of causing the soil to collapse while the excavation is being done.Before commencing your excavation project, you must know the type of soil to be excavated for you to be able to identify which type of digging method and safety measures should you use based on the type of soil since the digging method to use will largely depend on whether it is for a rocky soil or soft soil.

Identify All Underground Utility Lines

Locating underground utility cables and pipes can be hard if not done by professionals. That is why the safest way to do it is to hire a utility locator company to do it for you. Utility locator companies are experienced in this kind of work and will be able to easily identify underground cables and pipes underground using their special machines and utility locator tools. Hiring a locator is also one of the vital tasks that you need to do before the commencement of the excavation project.

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