4 Bad Habits that Mini Digger Operators Should Change

28 January 2021

When it comes to excavation works, many construction companies would utilise mini diggers due to their associated benefits. They have a compact form factor that makes them compatible with any access areas. They are also mobile, allowing them to travel across construction sites without any difficulties. They likewise have enough strength and efficiency to perform excavation and other functions. And with their wide variety of attachment options, mini diggers can truly finish site activities easily.

Given the capabilities of mini diggers, they must be operated and run by those who are reliable and knowledgeable. But even though most mini digger operators have adequate knowledge about mini digger operations, there are still some of them who would still carry out habits that are not truly recommended. To date, there are 4 bad habits that mini digger operators should change.

Forgetting Oil Check

One of the most notable bad habits that mini digger operators often commit is to neglect the checking of the gear oil level. Every 100 hours, mini digger operators must check the gear oil level in the final drive to avoid encountering issues along the way. Without checking the said lubricant, the drive might get damaged as the mini digger will continue operating under low gear oil level. The lubricant might also degrade and subsequently mess up the planetary hub if it will be exposed to heat continuously.

Improper Greasing

Two mini digger components that must be greased properly are pins and bushings. These components must be greased every day so that they can work optimally. For reference, pins and bushings must receive one to three shots of grease. Too little grease can promote their deterioration as other parts of the mini digger can damage their surfaces. Too much grease, alternative, is also not good for these components as they can trap abrasive materials and heat and consequently cause damages.

Reusing Hydraulic Fluid

One rule of thumb when it comes to mini diggers is that their hydraulic fluid must be changed regularly. This specific element must be changed between 2,000 to 4,000 hours of use as it can degrade over time due to heat exposure. The hydraulic system must also be flushed and added with fresh fluid so that they can get rid of any damaging elements. Failure to change the hydraulic fluid and clean the hydraulic system can cause the failure of the pump, travel motor, and other more components.

Ignoring Undercarriage

A lot of mini digger operators just leave the undercarriage uncleaned whenever they are using the diggers. What these operators do not know is that the condition of the undercarriage can significantly affect their overall excavation and site operations. The undercarriage must be cleaned to effectively remove any debris build-up. Removing abrasive contaminants can help prevent the mini diggers from obtaining cracks and other kinds of damages.

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