A Brief History about Dingo Mini Diggers

17 August 2017

At nearly every construction site you will find work being conducted by Dingo mini diggers, they are ideal at digging holes, leveling soil, moving heavy equipment and materials, and many other physical tasks faster and better than labourers could. You can even see Dingo mini diggers working hard on residential projects all over Australia, in back yards, developing landscaping, digging fence post holes, and excavating earth for constructing swimming pools.

The dependable Dingo brand of mini diggers has been around now for over two decades, loyally working away on both commercial and residential construction sites of all sizes. These machines are hardy, dependable, strong, versatile, and easy to operate in small areas because of their small size.

Don’t let their small size fool you, with over two decades of experience, there are countless contractors and builders who choose to use Dingo mini diggers whenever possible, that’s because they are dependable machines that get the job done efficiently, especially when they are in the hands of an expert operator.

Dingo Mini Digger’s Boasts Over Two Decades of Success

The Dingo brand of mini diggers began in Australia back in the 1980’s, and until now these earth moving machines have been designed, built, and the company owned and operated by Australians. Gary Briggs, the company’s current owner, obtained the rights to manufacture Dingo excavators in 1991. Since then, under Briggs’ leadership, the company has upgraded the Dingo into a more versatile machine.

Manufactured in Queensland, at the Dalby factory, Dingo is not only a well-known brand name that builders and contractors choose to use as a dependable labour saver, but the Dingo brand is also an established brand in overseas markets. You can find Dingos being used everywhere in Europe, in the USA, South Africa, Chile, and New Zealand.

The popularity and demand for Dingo mini diggers around the world is a source of great pride, as the company remains Australian owned and operated. Over the years, the mini digger industry has seen more than a few foreign imitator brands that have compromised on quality and dependability, and offering lower priced machines. However, other brands have come and gone, but Dingo mini diggers remain the choice of professionals because of the company’s commitment to manufacturing quality and dependable machines people can rely on.

Dingo is the first stand-on front loader, and today’s Dingos are truly universal as there are attachments available to dig post holes, level land, dig holes and trenches, and even an attachment for mixing cement. If there is a labour intense commercial or residential job that needs doing, it is recommended by professional builders and contractors to buy or hire a Dingo mini digger.