Advantages of a Dingo in Small Access Areas

17 November 2016

There are plenty of outside projects to do around homes and buildings, such as moving soil, leveling ground, digging trenches, clearing yards, digging fence posts and storm pits, landscape and driveway preparation, and excavating for pools. To accomplish these tasks, heavy equipment such as backhoes are brought-in, however, many land development projects in small access areas, such as between buildings, can’t accommodate large machinery.

In small access areas, where heavy equipment cannot access because these are too large and often need a wide berth to operate, residential and commercial property owners end-up hiring manual labour to move earth, dig trenches and fence posts, prepare landscaping and driveways, and to remove tree stumps. All of which are physically intense jobs that can cost as much as hiring large heavy equipment.

Thankfully, property owners in Melbourne have an alternative means to accomplish such projects in small access areas, by hiring a Dingo mini excavator.

The Dingo Mini Excavator is Ideal for Small Access Areas

For small access areas, no other machine in the market is narrower than the Dingo, which is why landscapers, plumbers, electricians, builders, and property owners hire these when needed, to move earth, dig trenches, to prepare a foundation for a new home, or to dig post holes for fencing. The Dingo is ideal for accessing small yards or spaces where fencing or walls cannot be pulled down to get large machinery in.

Having the best narrow access ability, a Dingo machine can pass through the width of a standard residential doorway; no other mini excavator can do that. Its compact build means that it can operate in very cramped spaces with little room to move, but don’t let its small size fool you, it is has the power and versatility of larger machines. This little mini excavator has various attachments to tackle all types of work, such as a stump grinding, post stump holes, trenching, rotary hoeing, and soil moving, to name just a few.

Hiring a Dingo mini excavator is easy, and it can save you time and money, especially if the work that needs to be done is in a small access area. All you need to do is contact Melbourne Mini Diggers, we will supply a professional operator with every Dingo, as well as the attachment that is needed for the job. Our rental rates are competitive, and our operators are reliable, experienced, and friendly.