Benefits of Mini Excavators and Rotary Diggers for Farmers

30 April 2018

In Australia, among farmers there is a growing trend in the use of mini excavators and rotary diggers, for good reasons. The benefits of mini excavators and rotary diggers for farming are many, and this can be attributed to the versatility of these machines.

Mini excavators and rotary diggers allow ranchers and farmers to accomplish multiple tasks with only one machine, a Dingo mini excavator. This amazing machine can be equipped with various attachments for digging trenches and post holes, stump grinding, and rotary hoeing.

While purchasing a mini excavator is an option that requires a sizable investment, most farmers and ranchers choose to instead hire them as needed. It is a wise decision that makes financial sense.

Farmers and ranchers always have plenty of work to do outside, related to increasing production and maintenance tasks to keep their agriculture operations running smoothly as possible. Some of the work farmers can benefit from by using a mini excavator include:

Maintaining grass and weed control – Along driveways, roads, and paths, on farms and agriculture operations, overgrowth of weeds and grass is an eyesore problem that is typically time-consuming to rectify. But with a mower attachment, a Dingo mini excavator can easily help farmers to control grass and weeds, clearing these from pathways, driveways and roads.

Clearing land – farmers and ranchers often need to clear land for crop production or to make additional areas available for their livestock to graze. Mini excavators with a rotary hoe attachment allows hoeing, regardless of the condition of the soil.

Trenches and ditches – when it comes to digging trenches and ditches, mini excavators are not only highly efficient, but affordable when compared to hiring a full-size excavator.

Digging post holes for fencing – not surprising, but for farms and ranches, maintaining and erecting fencing is an ongoing job, especially for cattle ranches. Using an auger attachment, a Dingo excavator can dig holes up to 600mm in diameter, down to 2.2 metres in depth, which is impressive even for larger machines. With the right size auger, the time digging post holes is greatly reduced, resulting in more work accomplished in less time.

If you manage a farm, and you would like utilise the use of a mini excavator and rotary digger, then you can, Melbourne Mini Diggers have mini excavators and rotary diggers for hire at affordable prices. No need to purchase and maintain your own machinery for jobs that don’t require daily doing, instead, save money by hiring mini excavators and rotary diggers only when you need them.