Benefits of Using Mini Diggers for Digging in Rocky Soil for Post Holes and Tree Planting

26 October 2018

They are compact, and can not only access small areas other machinery could never, but they can also operate in very confined spaces too, such as between buildings.

As commercial and residential areas continue to grow and expand in Melbourne, the need for digging post holes is in big demand, which is one of the main reasons why mini diggers are very popular. With an auger attachment and their strong hydraulic system, mini diggers can easily bore into even the toughest rocky soil.

In fact, when it comes to hard rocky soil, it is unthinkable nowadays to consider utilising manual labour to dig post holes and tree planting. With a powerful hydraulic system and auger attachment, mini diggers can easily dig holes in rocky soil for fence posts and tree planting as fast as any large excavator.

Landscapers, farmers, builders, and land developers use mini diggers all the time, not only for digging post holes and planting trees, but for moving earth, leveling soil, digging trenches, and for removing unsightly tree stumps. There are many benefits of using mini diggers, especially for digging in rocky soil for post holes and tree planting, here are a few of them:

They are easily transportable – digging post holes and tree planting in rocky soil requires heavy machinery, and one of the main expenses is transporting machinery from one place to another. Basically, the bigger the machines are the harder it is to move them to the location they are needed. But with mini diggers, they are easy to transport because they are small enough to fit on a trailer.

Using mini diggers saves you money – not only do you save money because mini diggers are easy to transport, but they are also cheaper to hire than larger machines and do not require special permits to travel on the highway, since they can fit on a trailer.

Easy to operate – operating a mini digger does not require a special commercial driver’s license like their full-sized cousins, and they are easy to use.

Readily available – dingo mini diggers, with an auger attachment for digging post holes and tree planting in rocky soil, are available anytime you need them at Melbourne Mini Diggers. Every mini digger for hire comes with an experienced operator to make sure that your work gets done right, and on time.

To hire a mini digger is easy, simply call us here at Melbourne Mini Diggers and we will walk you through the process.