Budget Friendly and Affordable Concrete and Landscaping Services in Victoria

11 October 2017

Clearing a parcel of land of rubbish is a passive though invaluable task. Buckling down to press hand tools and mini diggers into service on a landscaping project infuses a dynamic edge into that passive action. It’s a natural evolution of these services, at least in our humble opinion, to realize that the cultivation of land should also include an additional service, that of the affordable laying of concrete. After all, Victoria is home to an urban blend of European influences and Australia’s own unique scenery, a mix that incorporates nature’s greenest champions while adding modern accents.

Unfortunately, the happy blend of nature and landscaped beauty does submit to certain spatial limitations in and around Victoria. Parcels of land are sometimes cut to the bone in order to allow us all to live in the lap of luxury we know as Melbourne. Not that this finite amount of property precludes fantastical landscaping possibilities, especially when mini diggers are on call. Use the services of the mini digger to dominate the small garden and level a dedicated foot traffic area. Then, if this is your wish, have a hardy layer of concrete set on this levelled area to provide a permanent sitting space for tables and chairs during the hot days of summer. Now would be a good moment to imagine the mini digger moving smoothly around the garden with a number of concrete pavers bound for the edge of a swimming pool or barbecue area.

When you’re done imagining the ease in which one of these compact diggers can zip around a claustrophobic yard while loaded with concrete pavers, let’s move on to other landscaping features. The aforementioned European influences brought over by our forebears combines with native Australian accents and even Asian garden designs to add the low musical tones of water features and other hard-edged landscaping solutions. Depend on a mini digger to lift and then convey any of these heavy loads and save the back of the operator. A paved pathway is a challenging asset to place in the garden when doing all of this work by hand, but the task becomes easy, even fun, when those chunks of stone or concrete are gathered in the deep bucket of the little digger who could.

Thus far, we’ve only talked of carrying pre-made pavers into the landscaping scene, but there’s no limitations to the work. Build a complete yard made of mixed concrete, placing the mixer out at the edge of the garden or taking the work into the heart of the space. The digger won’t flinch from carrying the loose sand and bags of concrete that need mixing. The same procedure applies to all of those other fearfully heavy aspects of landscaping, the transport of lumber to build fencing, the movement of many kilograms of topsoil when assembling flowerbeds or a herb garden, or even the carrying of metal and brick to build the dream barbecue range you’ve been after since buying the property. Live the dream without breaking your back thanks to a mini digger.