Dingo Rotary Hoe for All Your Farming Needs in Ballarat Area

23 March 2018

For farmers in Ballarat area that are seeking ways to control weeds and better prepare their land for farming, the Dingo rotary hoe is an effective solution, as it can meet all farming needs.

The small, yet effective, rotary hoe can dig to approximately 150mm into soil, and cut a full 1 metre width. The two pump system that is unique to the Dingo allows for infinite control of the rotary hoe ground speed, thus allowing the operator to choose a faster or slower speed as ground conditions require.

The Dingo rotary hoe is ideal for farms and gardens, as it can effectively dig garden beds, loosen topsoil, and is even used for concrete slab preparations for driveways. This is why the Dingo is the preferred choice among landscapers, farmers, and contractors in Ballarat area.

Dingo Rotary Hoe for Hire in Ballarat Area for Farming and Gardening

While Dingo rotary hoes are used commonly by landscapers to develop and maintain lawn and gardens, farmers in Ballarat can benefit from them as well. The Dingo can remove tree stumps, level soil, and clear land of debris to prepare for farming purposes. Preparing soil using a rotary hoe will produce the ideal texture of soil that is just right for seedling roots to grow and germinate, allowing these to easily seek out the moisture and nutrients needed for healthy growth.

When it comes to gardening and farming in the Ballarat area, there is no better equipment to use than a Dingo rotary hoe, for the following reasons:

Handles difficult types of soil – the Dingo rotary hoe has hardened, double-edged blades that can break down all types of soil using adjustable speeds as necessary. The blades are controlled hydraulically, allowing for precision adjustment to meet specific needs.

Suitable digging depth – reaching a suitable depth of 150 mm, the rotary hoe can prepare soil ideally for planting herbs and vegetables with only one pass.

1-metre wide cut path – standard tillers require multiple passes over an area to properly prepare soil for farming, but the Dingo rotary hoe attachment cuts a wide 1 metre path with only one pass. The rotary hoe can accomplish as much work as larger tractor attachments. This saves farmers a lot of effort, so that more planting can be accomplished in less time.

Melbourne Mini Diggers have Dingo rotary hoes for hire in Ballarat area. All Dingos for hire come with experienced operators that will make sure that all work is accomplished as effectively and safely as possible.