Dingo Rotary Hoe for Your Perfect Landscape and Gardening Project

04 December 2015

For plants and grass seed to thrive, the soil must first be the right texture to allow the roots to search for water and nutrients. To obtain the necessary soil texture, you will require reliable equipment to loosen it in the correct manner. The Dingo rotary hoe is ideal for any landscape and gardening project to perform this task. This hoe is an attachment for the Dingo 950 of K9 machines and is the ideal tool for contractors, landscapers or other professionals since it is beyond an everyday gardening tool.

Specifications of the Rotary Hoe by Dingo

Learn about this hoe’s specifications below:

  • Cutting width – 1000 mm
  • Maximum cutting depth – 150 mm
  • Tines – replaceable, hardened and double edged
  • Speed – hydraulic variable
  • Hydraulic flow – 40 to 47 l/min
  • Weight – approximately 170 kg

The Benefits of Utilising This Rotary Hoe

With its wide cutting path of 1000 mm, this rotary hoe finishes breaking up the soil in quick time. In addition, it digs to the perfect depth of 150 mm for both plants and grass to begin their new life in the ground. The depth is even ideal if you are laying sod in place of planting grass seed.

Since this hoe’s ground speed is hydraulically variable, the hoe will adjust to a speed to fit the hardness of the soil it must dig through to perform its task. The results lead to a fine soil texture that is ideal for your landscape and gardening project, whatever it may be at present. Whether you are dealing with clay, sand or combination soil, this hoe will perform the job for you in the desired manner.

The Dingo rotary hoe creates a flat bottom or square edge efficiently with minimum effort. Since it is possible to back the speed down to a crawl, you can effectively trim and break up the soil to this extent even in the toughest of soils. On top of this, you perform the hoeing in reverse, and this allows you to receive a clear view of where you are traveling.

Along with being ideal for a landscape and gardening project, other types of projects may call for soil removal from an area. The rotary hoe by Dingo also is effective for these jobs. It will dig to a depth of 150 mm in the topsoil to allow a bucket attachment to remove said soil.

In addition to all the above benefits, the Dingo rotary hoe efficiently works in tight places such as nurseries, yards of new homes and gardens. When you wish to perform a tilling job with little hassle, this Dingo attachment it the one for your needs. It performs at a level comparable with tractor-mounted hoes. Try it for yourself today.