Dingo Rotary Hoe Specifications: Perfect for Gardening and Landscaping Projects

20 November 2019

Gardening and landscaping need various equipment to get the whole project done. Previously, people who are working for this kind of project use shovels and hoes to cultivate the land. But with technological advancements, machinery like mini diggers is used to do the same thing at a faster rate.

One specific mini digger that is often used for gardening and landscaping projects is Dingo Rotary Hoe. This specific machinery is often used by landscapers, contractors, and hire companies in performing tasks that revolve around hoeing and other related works.

Dingo Rotary Hoe: Features

The Dingo Rotary Hoe has the adequate strength to dig deep which is essential for any type and surface of the soil. This machinery has a 1m cut and can dig up to 150mm below ground, where roots of plants and grass usually grow and spread out. To make things easier, the ground speed of Dingo Rotary Hoe is controlled with the flow divider. This flow divider makes the machinery work at a speed relative to the sturdiness of the ground.

The flow divider of the Dingo works well with its multi-pump hydraulic system. Depending on the soil condition, the Dingo Rotary Hoe may operate to a slower hoeing speed for tough soil conditions, while a faster hoeing speed is dedicated to softer soil conditions. The combined parts of the Dingo allow the machinery to till every type of soil in place.

Dingo Rotary Hoe takes into consideration the convenience of its operations. To avoid driving over the freshly tilled soil, the Dingo Rotary Hoe is designed to have the machine in reverse. This positioning helps the operators see the exact places that need to be hoed, and the places that need to be avoided.

Another factor that makes Dingo Rotary Hoe convenient for gardening and landscaping projects is its size. The spaces for gardening and landscaping projects are too small for huge excavators and diggers. Fortunately, the form factor of Dingo Rotary Hoe can flawlessly enter the doorways without destroying the surrounding structure.

With the mentioned features, the Dingo Rotary Hoe can dig garden beds, loosen topsoil, and prepare concrete slab. The functionality of this digger makes it ideal for gardening and landscaping projects since it can develop the site for a new look and appearance.

Dingo Rotary Hoe: Technical Specifications

Dingo Rotary Hoe has the following technical specifications that make it effective in the field.

  • Width of Cut: 1000mm
  • Max Cutting Depth: 150mm
  • Tines: hardened, double edge, replaceable
  • Speed: variable
  • Approx Weight: 170 kg
  • Hydraulic Flow: 40-471/min

Dingo Rotary Hoe can quickly finish gardening and landscaping projects. Luckily, we at Melbourne Mini Diggers have this machinery to help you. Contact us now to know more about our offered services.