Dingo Rotary Hoe: The Right Move for a Successful Vegetable Garden

27 March 2016

For you to achieve a bountiful vegetable garden, you must first prepare the soil in the proper manner. The texture of the soil must be just right for the young roots of seedlings and germinating seeds to seek out nutrients and moisture easily without any impediments. Luckily, there is no better tool than a Dingo rotary hoe that fits on a mini digger to accomplish the task.

A Wide Cut Path

The Dingo rotary hoe cuts a 1-metre width that allows the operator to complete the tilling task in the garden quickly so you can proceed with the planting. When you utilise a regular tiller for the task, you will need to perform additional passes over the area, which slows down the progress. Instead of draining your patience, turn to the wider rotary hoe that Dingo provides for the task.

Adequate Digging Depth

A Dingo rotary hoe digs to an adequate depth of 150 mm, which is deep enough for most garden plants, whether you will be planting vegetables or herbs. In addition, this hoe attachment works with the mini digger in reverse in order for the operator to know which area has already been tilled. The mini digger never has to run over the soil that is ready for planting.

The Rotary Hoe Can Even Handle Difficult Soils

With the double-edged, hardened tines, this hoe attachment will break through even difficult soils such as those containing a high level of clay. The variable speeds of the mini digger and hoe also help in this area since the speed is adjustable down to almost nil. The speeds are under hydraulic control, which allows precise adjustments to fit your exact needs.

It Operates as Efficiently as Larger Units

The rotary hoe attachment by Dingo operates and performs as efficiently as larger attachments for tractors do to prepare your garden soil. On top of this, tractors may unintentionally damage the landscape surrounding the garden area. Mini diggers with the rotary hoe can fit into areas that larger machines will not work efficiently in for your tilling purposes.

Make the right move today and hire our company, Melbourne Mini Diggers, to provide the services of a driver and a Dingo rotary hoe to prepare your vegetable garden. We will provide you with a free quote of our services for the area that you require us to till and ready for your gardening purposes. You will be able to plant, cultivate and harvest a rich bounty with our expert assistance.