Dingo Rotary Hoe: Your Most Effective Landscape Companion

19 January 2018

Having the right tools for the job is a must, this is especially true when working with soil for landscaping projects. While manual labour is readily available, shovels and hoes only can do so much in a day’s work. Thankfully, machinery such as the Dingo rotary hoe is available that can get more done in a day than physical labour can, and cost less too.

The Dingo Rotary Hoe an Effective and Dependable Landscape Companion

Do you need to prepare soil for a garden or landscaping project? Even with the help of labourers armed with shovels and hoes, it can be a huge task that could take days, or weeks to properly loosen the soil to the right depth for grass and plants to grow. While machinery like the Dingo rotary hoe is far more effective than manual labour, many people still believe it will cost more than hiring a few people for a couple days. It won’t, and it will get the job done faster and better.

No worrying about hiring a Dingo rotary hoe and not being able to operate it yourself. At Melbourne Mini Diggers, every Dingo we hire out comes with an expert operator that will work with you to accomplish the tasks at hand.

A Dingo rotary hoe is perfect for garden and landscaping work, as it can prep soil down to 155mm, which is an ideal depth for the roots of grass and plants to grow and spread out. Even the toughest types of soil are no match for the rotary hoe that is driven by the Dingo’s powerful engine. Also, once the desired depth is determined, it will on take one pass over each area you need to prepare, making the Dingo the perfect landscaping companion.

Limited Space is no Problem for the Multi-Purpose Dingo Mini Digger

Even in hard to reach spaces, such as between buildings and in the backyard of residential homes where larger equipment and tillers are unable to access, the compact Dingo mini excavator can effectively operate. While the rotary hoe attachment is perfect for preparing gardens, lawns, and flattening areas as needed, when the hoeing work is completed, the Dingo has other useful attachments that are used for digging trenches, tree stump removal, or for making post stump holes.

If you are looking to save money off your planned landscaping projects, such as digging a trench, post hole digging, stump removal, moving soil, or you just need to use a rotary hoe to level your land, then Melbourne Mini Diggers are the best, affordable solution.