Dingo Stump Grinder and Its Significant Uses

07 November 2016

Stump grinders make possible what would otherwise be impossible – removing a stump by hand. Although there are many types and brands of stump grinders, nearly all have limited use and versatility in their ability to move back and forth, and from side to side, without having to re-position the stump grinder or mini-digger equipped with a stump grinder attachment. However, the Dingo stump grinder is unlike other machines or mini-digger attachments, in that it is versatile and is able to move back and forth while it hangs over a stump.

This stump grinder allows for it to be used at a 90° angle to the Dingo, and it can be adjusted quickly to throw left or right. Because of this ability, not only do operators have much greater visibility, but it allows the grinder to be used in tight areas, and, it can grind a stump down to 2 feet below the ground.

It has 6 button styled teeth that can be rotated as teeth wear, this allows for longer use without having to stop work to replace worn teeth. One of the significant benefits is that, unlike other grinders, this grinder does not need a dedicated engine to operate. This is because it uses the Dingo’s hydraulic system as the power source, and, without a dedicated extra motor, the grinder weighs less and the Dingo mini-digger can do more.

One significant use for the stump grinder that benefits property owners, other than stump removal, is that shavings produced from grinding stumps can be effectively used as mulch for gardens. Although some may assume there are drawbacks to adding wood shavings to the soil, it’s actually a good thing as wood chips are effective at reducing evaporation of soil moisture. And, when used properly, wood shavings can become an attractive aspect of one’s yard.

However, when it comes to the most significant use for the Dingo stump grinder, without a doubt, a Dingo mini digger equipped with a stump grinder can get into hard to reach locations that other stump grinders can’t. Such places include tree stumps located between buildings, or that are very near to the wall of a building.

If you have a tree stump located in a hard-to-reach location on your property, and you want it removed, then Melbourne Mini Diggers can help, we have a Dingo stump grinder that can get the job done.