Dingo Stump Grinder Versatility: Available When You Need It in Ballarat Area

08 June 2018

A common problem for property owners in the Ballarat area and the surrounding suburbs are obstacles that hinder plans to develop their land, mainly, unsightly tree stumps. Removal of tree stumps is no easy task, indeed. But it is a chore that eventually needs to be done, for many reasons, mainly for safety’s sake.

Tree stumps can become a serious yard hazard, especially if they become covered in brush or tall grass, as people can get hurt tripping over them, and they are like hidden wooden land mines that can also cause serious damage to vehicles.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to remove tree stumps from your yard, by hiring a Dingo stump grinder from Melbourne Mini Diggers in Ballarat.

Dingo Stump Grinder Available in Ballarat Area

Many property owners who have tree stumps on their land, and want to have these removed, often attempt to do it themselves, thinking that the task will not be that difficult. But it quickly becomes very clear that removing a tree stump is a lot of hard work!

While there are tree stump removal services in Ballarat, these usually offer large stump grinders that cannot gain access to reach tree stumps, or are unable to operate the machinery because of close proximity to buildings and structures.

Dingo mini diggers are always in demand, as builders, landscapers, and all types of contractors prefer to use them because of their affordability and versatility. The main advantage of hiring a Dingo stump grinder is its ability to access confined, hard to reach small spaces, such as between two residential buildings where large machinery cannot reach or have room to operate.

How the Dingo Stump Grinder Removes Stumps in Small Areas

While the small size of the Dingo allows for it to pass through spaces as narrow as a standard door’s width, don’t let its size fool you. These are very powerful machines, and with the stump grinder attachment, they can remove any size tree stump from your property.

The stump grinder has the capability to work at a 90° angle, and it hangs directly over the stump as it swings back and forth throwing the stump waste off to the side, away from the operator where it can be later removed.

The versatility of the Dingo can’t be beat, only because of its ability to reach and work in small areas to remove tree stumps, but also because it is a multi-purpose piece of equipment. It has other attachments that can be used to dig fence holes, dig trenches, level earth, and a rotary hoe for farming.