Dingos for Trenching: Features that Make them Better than Large Machines

14 April 2020

One of the main construction projects that are always conducted on-site is trenching. Trenching is a method that involves digging a trench in the ground for the installation, maintenance, and inspection of pipes, conduits, or cables underground. These trenches are primarily built excavators and backhoes.

The emergence of Dingos ultimately changed the way excavations and trenching are done. For more than 30 years, they are continuously helping property owners to do various excavation activities and other construction projects. Even with their small form factor, Dingos are strongly suited to the harsh Australian land conditions alongside any other natural elements like weather and terrain.

Dingos are equipped with features that make them better than their large counterparts. These features help them get the trenching activity easily done and finished.

Multi-Pump Hydraulic System

One outstanding feature of a Dingo is the presence of a multi-pump hydraulic system. This specific system brings a lot of Dingo’s capabilities that large machines do not possess. It allows the Dingo to power any attachment without losing power. It also keeps the hydraulic oil cooler by only sending the oil to where it needs to go. Moreover, this system can effectively control your ground speed and maximise digging power without sacrificing anything.

Weight and Workload Capacity  

Another great feature of a Dingo is its excellent weight distribution. It can effectively process the weight of the materials that it lifts and excavates without damaging its main components. You do not even have to worry about components getting destroyed since Dingos are made from durable materials. The working load capacity of Dingos is high, making them a perfect replacement for much larger machines.

Abundance of Attachments

Dingos can effectively match the weight and hydraulic output of attachment, making them better than other types of excavators and machines. Moreover, Dingos can be equipped with a wide variety of attachments that are perfect for your trenching and construction site needs. Once your trenches are finished, you can simply attach a bucket or a thumb on your Dingo to clean up and remove piles of rubbish and unnecessary debris. A breaker can also be attached to demolish concrete.

Dingo’s Unique Components

Dingo machines undergo engine improvements over the years, but their specifications and dimensions remain the same. They are built with a small factor so that they can fit anywhere. So, expect any Dingos movement to be easy, especially in a trenching site. Aside from their form factor, they are also equipped with a 360-degree turning, offset digging, reduced tail swing, and a rubber tracks to ensure great manoeuvrability and operation on site.

Power-efficient Mechanism

Using Dingo machines can ultimately help you decrease and reduce expenses. From renting or even purchasing a Dingo, it would still cost you lower compared to its large counterparts. Moreover, the consumption of fuel for Dingos is much lower than huge excavators since they are equipped with components that are fuel- and power-efficient.

All these features help Dingos beat the capabilities and properties of large excavators and other related machines. If you want to hire a Dingo, just contact us at Melbourne Mini Diggers.