Easy Post Hole Digging and Fence Installation Using Dingo Post Hole Digger

14 August 2020

Fences are important for property owners as they can help in justifying and confirming their jurisdiction over their property territory. The installation of high-quality fences, through the help of post hole digging, can also provide property owners enhanced privacy and added security against burglars and intruders. Moreover, fences around the property can significantly boost its overall looks and appearance.

The installation of fences must be done well. Therefore, property owners would typically hire some helpful equipment to effectively initiate and perform post hole digging. Post hole digging is typically done by a post hole digger, a tool that has two handles and clam-type blades. This specific tool can conveniently dig narrow holes for the installation of posts like fences and signages.

A famous brand that releases different types of excavation tools, including post hole diggers, for various industries is Dingo Australia. The said company has pioneered the mini digger industry, making them the most popular brand whenever people would ask about the best source for excavation tools.

Properties of Dingo Mini Diggers

One important aspect that one should know before accessing Dingo post hole diggers is to know more about the company’s own version of mini diggers. The mini diggers from Dingo Australia boast some of the most needed features for excavation and other related works. They have small form factors and components that enable them to work in very small, tight spaces. Compared to other diggers, Dingo’s mini diggers are more budget-friendly and easier to use.

The engine power and other components of Dingo mini diggers allow them to efficiently work even if they are performing heavy tasks. Another great thing about Dingo mini diggers is that they can be connected to various attachments. These attachments enable the mini diggers to excavate, transfer, and move materials from one place to another.

The Strength of Post Hole Diggers

The post hole digger from Dingo is one of the most notable attachments for their mini diggers. These post hole diggers are capable of outperforming larger machines that also perform post hole digging due to the hydraulic system found in mini diggers. The performance of mini diggers is outstanding as they can immediately start, stop, speed up, or slow down at any time. The digging works of these machines are also precise and accurate, leaving no room for any error.

As for the post hole diggers themselves, these powerful attachments can be fitted with an 8:1 reduction gearbox that provides sufficient torque to dig holes for up to 750 mm diameter and up to a 3 m depth. With a standard auger, you can easily dig for up to 1.5 m. Auger extension, on the other hand, gives you a depth of 2 m, while a 3 m depth is achieved when using the Pinocchio Extension.

Post hole diggers can readily dig post holes in soil, clay, sand, rock, or shale surfaces. They can also be used for planting trees and driving earth screws. For optimal results, these attachments must be used with a cement mixer, post mate, auger mate, or auger extensions.

Post Hole Diggers Specifications

  • Cut Diameter: 100 to 750 mm
  • Teeth Types: earth, tungsten, rock
  • Flow: 32 l/min
  • Pressure: up to 206 Bar (3,200 psi)
  • Torque: 1,800 Nm
  • Speed: 90 rpm
  • Weight: drive head = 64kg, augers = 12 to 58 kg

If you want to gain access to Dingo post hole diggers and other related products, feel free to contact us at Melbourne Mini Diggers.