Factors that Affect Mini Digger Hire Rates

15 January 2021

Mini diggers have been very useful in excavation and other site processes due to their outstanding performance. They are also mobile and compact, which allows them to move from one area to another without any difficulties. The versatility of mini diggers, especially when it comes to their attachment options, allows them to be maximised in different project locations and applications.

While these diggers boast great features and benefits, their purchasing costs can still be expensive for businesses and contractors who do not use them regularly. Fortunately, there are mini digger hire services that can easily provide them with their needed mini diggers.

Keep in mind, however, that several factors can affect the overall mini digger hire rates. Some of the notable factors that can affect the said rates are the following:

Availability of Mini Diggers

Respecting the law of supply and demand, the mini digger hire rates can increase significantly if the number of available mini diggers is very limited and that the demand has exceeded the supply. Alternatively, if there are a lot of mini diggers available for hire, then businesses can hire them at a cheap rate. Once the supply has depleted in a certain area, the only option available for businesses would be hiring from far places. Though, they must allocate more budget for the transportation of the equipment.

Machine Size and Specs

Another factor that can affect the rate of the mini digger hire would be the overall quality of the mini digger. Despite their compact form factor, mini diggers do still come in different sizes and specifications. Some of them may even be more powerful and larger than the others as they may be equipped with GPS and other special parts. As these mini diggers increase in size and get more features, their overall hiring costs tend to become higher than their smaller counterparts.

Type of Mini Digger Hire

There are two types of mini digger hire that businesses can choose from. The first one would be wet hire. Wet hire is recommended for projects that do not have in-house professional mini digger operator. It normally includes both the mini digger and the operator. The costs of wet hire hugely depend on the overall experience and qualifications of the operator who will accompany the hired mini digger. Dry hire, which is another type of mini digger hire, only comes with the chosen mini digger.

Total Hours of Operation

The total hours of operation can directly affect the hiring cost of a mini digger. Normally, the rate of the mini digger hire tends to decrease as mini diggers are used for a longer time. Take note, however, that additional fees may occur whenever the mini digger is used on weekends, public holidays, or outside the normal working hours. The increase in rates is determined by the Fair Work standards in Australia.

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