Home Foundation: Advantages of Digging with a Mini Excavator

23 November 2015

Without a doubt; home foundations require a lot of digging. And nothing is more ideal for the job than a mini excavator. These amazing devices are extremely versatile and advantageous when it comes to digging a home foundation.

Compact and Powerful

The mini excavator is also called a compact excavator; for good reason. The equipment is compact enough to get into tight places plus get the job done. They are also referred to as mini diggers. However, don’t be misled by the title ‘mini’; under the hood they contain quite the horse power. Now the mini digger does not perform as good as a diesel engine designed for a tractor but it does pack some power and is far less cumbersome.

The mini size can fit into confined spaces where bigger machinery cannot access. Plus it has incredible digging power, unbelievable ground speed and enhanced hydraulic flow. As a result, the mini digger can get the job done effectively, safely and quickly.

Multipurpose Dumping Height

The mini digger has the ability to swing into a 360 degree angle; so dumping height is not a restrictive issue. The device can smoothly spin into another direction to put the load where it is needed. This is particularly convenient since most heavy equipment like a dump truck can only be parked in certain areas because of its size.

A Light Footprint

Since a home foundation needs to be level, heavy equipment is not always the best option. Because of their weight and size, heavy equipment has tendency to scuff and grind the surface. However, mini diggers leave a light footprint with their specially made rubber tracks. As well, the tires are built to avoid slips while loading it for transport.

Minimal Noise

When building a home foundation you want to make as little noise as possible. After all, noise pollution can disturb the environment and irritate the neighbors. Compared to bigger machines, mini diggers are a lot quieter. This is especially true when the device is used across cement or hard surfaces.

Ease of Use

A mini digger is driven by one person. It is easy to operate, even for the novice. Additionally, it can traverse through rough terrain and easily ascend inclines. And because it is simple to operate, your home foundation is dug faster and much safer.

Reduce Costs

A mini excavator reduces the cost of permits. Oftentimes, heavy equipment requires a commercial driver’s licenses and permits for hauling the device on the highway. However, mini diggers are easy to transport and generally do not need permits for operating or hauling. In addition, mini diggers are very efficient and will save you labour plus get the job done faster.