How Dingo Stump Grinders Work for Accuracy in Removing Unwanted Tree Stumps

30 January 2017

Tree stumps – these are unmovable obstacles typically found in residential yards and commercial properties. These pose a real safety hazard to vehicles and people that is because they are often hidden under grass or brush and aren’t seen until it is too late. These solid remnants of trees are far from easy to remove, especially by hand, and, they can cause much damage when vehicles run into them unexpectedly, also, their presence can be hindrance to developing land or constructing a fence.

Because tree stumps are a ‘real’ hazard to property and people, having these removed is nearly impossible without the use of a stump grinder. Stump grinders make it possible to remove even large tree stumps in just a few hours, however, the location of some stumps can make removing them very difficult.

While there are many kinds of stump grinders, the machinery used to power them are typically too wide to operate in tight locations, often requiring fencing to be removed to gain access. And, in some cases, stump grinders and the machinery to power them cannot be used in locations where stumps are next to buildings, pipes, or power lines, without damaging property.

Many stump grinder are designed to come directly down onto tree stumps, and are ideally used in open fields with plenty of room for the grinder move around the stump. But, in tight areas, especially near buildings, large stump grinder cannot be utilised, however, a Dingo stump grinder can!

Dingo Stump Grinders are Accurate and Efficient in Removing Unwanted Tree Stumps

Dingo mini digger can go where most stump grinders cannot because of its small size and the ability of the specially design stump grinder attachment to be used at a 90° angle to the Dingo.

The stump grinder attachment can quickly adjust to throw right or left, which not only allows for greater visibility for operators, but also increases the precision and accuracy of the grinder, so it can be used to remove unwanted tree stump near buildings, fencing, and pipes. Also, the Dingo stump grinder can grind a tree stump into the ground – 600mm (2 feet) below ground.

If you have an unwanted tree stump hidden in your yard or on commercial property, and you want it removed, to either develop the land or just to remove the unsightly hazard, then hire a Dingo stump grinder from Melbourne Mini Diggers. All Dingo rentals include a seasoned operator that will work under your direction to get the job done, quickly and safely.

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