How to Prepare a Piece of Land for a Strip Foundation

16 April 2019

When you work in the construction field long enough, you eventually run into every type of process that there is. Eventually, you might even find yourself staring at the concept of working on a concrete strip foundation. Strip foundations sound complicated, but they are actually an integral part of the construction process for projects of all shapes and sizes. Today, we are going to talk about the process of constructing a strip foundation as well as the work that you need to do on the land itself in order to get the job done.

Working with a Strip Foundation

When we talk about the process of crafting a strip foundation, we aren’t talking about anything that is specifically complicated or rare. In fact, the vast majority of homes in the past 40 years have been built atop a strip foundation. Using a strip foundation is just a cost-effective, simple, and traditional way of laying the proper foundation. When you are working on this type of project, you have to carefully attend to the land that you are working on. Why? You will be excavating and working with the earth. What all will you be doing?

1) Digging Trenches – When it comes to working with a strip foundation job, you need to be ready to dig out trenches surrounding the perimeter of your home. You’ll also dig out a line where all of your load-bearing walls will be placed. For this job, Mini Digger excavators can be the perfect tool.

2) Pouring Concrete – Once your trenches have been dug out and properly measured to fit your plans, you are ready for the next step. Your next step will involve pouring the proper concrete into your trenches.

3) Pay Attention to Ground Quality
– The most important aspect of digging a strip foundation is the quality of your dig site. A strip foundation is most effective when it is being laid atop quality, stable earth. When your dig site is filled with loosely packed earth that lacks stability, you could run into some issues.

As you can see, preparing your strip foundation is all about knowing what you need to do while having the tools on hand to do the job. With a quality set of hands on your team and a professional construction mind, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the job. Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, our team is always ready to provide you with the excavation tools that you need in order to succeed. Contact our team today for a consultation on your next strip foundation job!