Know the Capabilities of Digging Attachments for Mini Diggers

10 September 2020

Mini diggers are typically utilised by construction companies due to their versatility, portability, and mobility. They can easily access areas that are too small for their heavy-duty counterpart. They can also traverse different types of terrains depending on their make. Moreover, mini diggers can be hooked up with various types of attachments that are intended to work on different sets of tasks.

The attachments available for mini diggers can perform either digging or moving activities. Some of these attachments can likewise perform both functionalities thanks to the hydraulic mechanism of mini diggers. The main functionality of mini diggers is to dig or excavate, which is why the number of attachments available for digging is truly abundant.

To know more about different types of digging attachments, here are some of their capabilities and functionalities that make them helpful for mini diggers.


One of the most frequently used digging attachment for mini diggers is buckets. They can easily dig through any dimensions of the land surface as they are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities. Buckets have a specialised container that can function well in handling bulk materials and, at the same time, excavating soil materials. The form factor of buckets even allows them to crush wastes and other materials quickly. Buckets are ideal for construction, mining, and earthmoving activities.


Aside from buckets, another digging attachment that can be used alongside mini diggers is rippers. Rippers are designed to cut through hard, compact, or frozen dirt that cannot be excavated by other digging attachments. They can also work well against loose rocky soil and rock patches. Projects that need to get rid of challenging ground surfaces like rock, tarmac, or even paving can easily maximise the strength and capabilities of rippers.


When it comes to drilling holes of all shapes and sizes, augers are undoubtedly the best attachment that can perform such work. Drilled holes are intended to be installed with fence posts or pipes, constructed with poles, and planted with shrubs. Augers come in different speeds and torque options, which can both help in drilling holes accurately according to the specified dimensions and specifications. Augers are typically used for road constructions, multi-unit developments, and utility installations.


Hammers or rock breaker attachments are designed to penetrate the toughest surfaces on a specific site thanks to the presence of their durable overall composition. This specific mini digger attachment can excavate through hard materials like rocks, asphalt, and concrete, ensuring that the excavation activity is done quickly and efficiently. Hammers are often maximised by contractors in making road construction, trenching, landscaping, and demolition works.

Knowing the capabilities of digging attachments for mini diggers can help you choose the right attachment for a specific job or task. With mini diggers, you are assured to complete projects fast and easy thanks to the abundance of attachment options that you can choose from.