Land Clearing With the Use of Mini Excavators

10 August 2016

Various outdoor projects begin with land clearing to prepare the area for the next step. At times, this only includes levelling the soil, but at other times, you need to remove tree stumps, excavate the soil to eliminate grass or other plants, move dirt from one part of the property to another area or add soil to fill in a hole. While you may think that any of this requires a massive piece of equipment to accomplish the task at hand, you might find it difficult to believe that all you need is the use of mini excavators or diggers to finish the job in an expeditious manner.

A Mini Digger Skillfully Grinds Stumps

With a stump grinder attachment, a mini excavator efficiently grinds stumps down sufficiently for you to reuse the space for other purposes. It moves side to side and forward to always throw the debris away from the excavator and operator. Since this excavator is such a compact size, it can fit into areas of limited space without issue.

Excavate the Soil with Ease to Remove Grass and Plants

Mini diggers also excavate soil to remove grass and plants at the ideal depth to eliminate the roots as well as the growth above ground. At the same time, these machines will scoop up small rocks if necessary with the soil. Of course, some rocks may require additional attention depending upon their size and depth.

Use a Mini Excavator to Move Soil from One Location to another One

When you just need to move dirt from one section of your property to another section to even out a hill or remove a slope, these mini diggers will perform the task in an effective way. The operators can turn these machines easily to move back and forth between locations to retrieve another load of soil when the need calls for it.

Level the Area

You even can turn to the mini diggers to level your soil, thanks to a special levelling attachment. Once the excavator finishes levelling the area, it will be ready for construction, garden or another outdoor project to take place on the location.

Consult with Melbourne Mini Diggers to rent mini excavators and operators for your land-clearing jobs. We will provide you a free quote and explain in detail which attachments will be effective for your needs. Our company guarantees high-quality results. On top of all this, ask about the other services that we provide with these versatile machines.