Limitations of Mini Diggers or Compact Excavators

31 July 2020

Mini diggers or compact excavators are frequently used in a lot of excavation and construction works, especially those that are done in small access areas, due to their accompanying benefits.

The compactness and small factor of these helpful pieces of machinery make it possible for them to work under any physical and surrounding condition. Another great thing about them is they can be connected to attachments, which enables them to excavate the ground, demolish properties, and transfer materials. The strong engine parts of mini diggers or compact excavators allow them to be as powerful as their heavy-duty counterparts. They are also lightweight, making their transfer to any location much easier.

While these mini diggers or compact excavators boast a lot of benefits, they still have some limitations that make them unfit for certain applications. Some of its limitations are the following:

Shorter Variety of Applications

One of the most prominent limitations of mini diggers or compact excavators is that they cannot fulfill some major excavating and construction tasks. While mini diggers can truly excavate, crush, demolish, and cut almost all materials, they cannot do all these tasks in one go. Their internal components are set to only perform well at a certain amount of time due to their limited power. Using them on their maximum capacity on a regular basis can easily damage them in just a short time.

Constrained Overall Durability

Mini diggers and compact excavators are also hindered by their overall build quality. The durability of the materials used for mini diggers may vary. However, most of them can only withstand certain damaging conditions. And since most of them are used in construction works, the risk of getting them damaged is always high. Tough area conditions like rocky terrain, flooded areas, or extremely hot or cold surroundings can be unbearable for these diggers and excavators.

High Maintenance Requirements

The normal dimensions of the components found on heavy-duty diggers and excavators make them easier to repair and maintain. On the other hand, mini diggers and compact excavators are made from miniature but powerful components that can be difficult and complicated to fix and repair. These mini diggers typically have numerous drive motors, castings, seals around slew, and other electronic parts that must be maintained all the time, since replacing them can also cost you a lot.

Just like other equipment, mini diggers will truly have their own set of limitations. However, they are still utilised by major construction companies due to their benefits and tons of features. To know more about mini diggers and compact excavators, feel free to contact us at Melbourne Mini Diggers.