Limited Access Earthmoving: Let Mini Diggers Do the Work

25 October 2017

There are many residential and commercial properties in Melbourne that require earth moving projects, but that have limited access for large earth moving equipment. There are even spaces with such tight access that even a small Bobcat excavator cannot reach. Tight or limited access less than 1100mm is too small for any earth moving machinery to get through, except for a Dingo mini excavator.

The Dingo Mini Digger is Ideal for Limited Access Earth Moving Projects

Whether there is an outside earth moving project that requires clearing a yard, digging fence posts or trenches, excavating a storm pit or swimming pool, or leveling the ground for driveway preparation, large excavators may be too big to gain access to most residential yards, without requiring moving fencing, trees, or other structures.

In fact, limited access between buildings just can’t accommodate excavators, even smaller bobcat excavators can be too big for some small access areas, that is why many property owners have to hire manual labourers to get the job done. However, hiring manual labour for earth moving work can be expensive and slow going. That is why Dingo mini excavators are the best choice.

This mighty mini excavator doesn’t need much room to operate, unlike a Bobcat excavator, it can access areas as small as the width of a common residential doorway, and get the job done faster than manual labourers. It will cost less too.

Dingo Mini Excavators for Hire at Melbourne Mini Diggers

Do you have a yard project that is hard to reach? Do you need to excavate a trench, remove a tree stump, or dig fence posts in an area near a building or structure that has limited access? If you do, don’t worry, Melbourne Mini Diggers has Dingo mini excavators for hire.

A Dingo mini digger has the narrowest access than any other earth excavating equipment, and it can easily fit through the width of a standard residential doorway. So, don’t let the size of a Dingo mini excavator fool you, these machines are as powerful and as capable as a Bobcat for all types of earth moving work.

With various attachments, a Dingo can serve multiple roles. It can level ground, dig fence post holes, excavate trenches and swimming pool holes, and even remove tree stumps that are next to your home or fence. You can hire a Dingo for your home or commercial earth moving projects from Melbourne Mini Diggers

  • Trenching
  • Rotary Hoeing
  • Post Stump Hole Digging
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Moving
  • Access to Small and Restricted Spaces

Melbourne Mini Diggers is a successful company because we provide all of the above high quality services at a price that’s right.