Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Mini Diggers over Pedestrian Trenchers

13 April 2021

One vital part of construction projects is the creation of trenches. Trenches are narrow depression into the ground that often store pipelines, conduits, or cables of gas mains, water mains, or telephone lines. They can also be used to create a foundation wall, which might be necessary for some structures. These trenches are often created through digging or removing the dirt.

There are tools that can be used in creating trenches. One of these tools is the pedestrian trencher. Pedestrian trenchers have been long maximised by professionals given that they are truly intended to carry out the trenching process. These tools are known to be efficient in terms of straight-line trenching and digging in wooded areas. They can likewise handle trenching in rocky areas, as long as they have the right set of attachment. Trenchers can likewise come up with clean results.

Pedestrian trenchers can already perform the needed activities for trenching. However, many project managers turn to mini diggers instead due to their accompanying features. The following are some reasons why mini diggers are better than pedestrian trenchers.

Remarkable Performance

One main reason why a mini digger is known to be better than a pedestrian trencher is that it boasts remarkable and outstanding digging performance. With the right attachment, a mini digger is guaranteed to work effectively for most trenching projects. This tool can work in different terrain conditions, which include soft and wet terrains. It can even work well with granular soils and uneven surfaces, all without requiring an extra levelling process. Most mini diggers can also work at depths of more than five feet and widths beyond twelve feet, making them recommended for large trenching activities.

Terrific Manoeuvrability

Another reason why mini diggers are preferred by many for trenching is that they have terrific manoeuvrability. The overall structure of mini diggers allows them to be controlled and moved from one place to another without any difficulties. Even in tight spots and small access areas, mini diggers can still perform trenching and other activities that are deemed to be significant to various project types. They can likewise work closer to buildings and structures without damaging them or injuring other people.

Presence of Attachments

Aside from great performance and manoeuvrability, mini diggers are preferred by many when it comes to trenching due to their versatility. They can be attached with different attachments so that the trenching activities can be carried out continuously. From doing pit work to setting up utility lines, mini diggers can truly perform them all with the right set of attachment. Aside from trenchers, some of the attachments available for mini diggers are grapples, hammers, augers, rakes, and buckets.

Minimal Maintenance

One more great thing about mini diggers is that they are often comprised of sturdy and long-lasting materials. Even with continuous exposure to damaging elements, they are expected to last for a long time. And since their parts and components are durable, their maintenance can be minimal. Repairing them can also be cheaper compared to pedestrian trenchers.

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