Major Reasons Why Tree Stumps Must Be Removed

30 January 2018

You only need to walk through a single yard filled with tree stumps to understand that they simply need to go. Tree stump removal isn’t an easy task and because of that, many people opt to either do a poor DIY job on their own or they’ll simply ignore the task completely. Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, we find both of those responses to be relatively poor. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about why tree stump removal HAS to happen in order for your yard to stay safe and healthy. We’ll also talk a little bit about why we are the people to make it happen for you.

Reasons Tree Stumps HAVE To Go

If you’ve ever had a property with a yard and a few trees, then you know you are eventually going to have to chop one down. Whether a tree is cribbing on your property or creating potentially dangerous conditions, the entire process can be a chore. Once the tree is cut down, you are typically left with a massive stump. Some people choose to leave these stumps in place. Others choose to have them removed. Most people don’t put any thought into the choice at all. However, as you’ll soon find out, there are plenty of reasons to get that tree stump out of your yard immediately.

  1. Aesthetics – No matter what you personally think makes an attractive house, a tree stump in the front yard isn’t a positive. Tree stumps kill your curb appeal and directly affect your property value.
  2. Yard Hazards – All it takes is forgetting that the stump is there for a moment and you can be in a world of hurt – literally. From tripping over stumps to hitting them with your mower, these little wooden mines can cause a lot of damage and anguish.
  3. Pest Problems – Stumps, as it turns out, are perfect little environments for pests to flock to. Tree stumps are attractive to both insect and mammal pests and, as a result, simply need to go.
  4. Space & Efficiency – Don’t keep mowing in circles around your tree stump, get it removed! Not only will removing the stump make your mowing easier, it’ll also make your yard bigger as a result. Nobody ever said they were happy to have less yard than what they paid for.

Tree stumps don’t have to be a huge problem, provided you go to the right people to take care of the removal process. At Melbourne Mini Diggers we can be the solution to your tree stump problems.