Making Small Access and Confined Spaces Become Accessible with Dingo Mini Diggers

13 September 2018

At Melbourne Mini Diggers, excavation work is our specialty. Whether you need site preparation for driveways, grading, moving soil, digging trenches, or stump removal services in small access and confined spaces, we can help. With Dingo mini diggers, even small access and confined spaces become accessible.

There are many outside earth moving projects to be done around residential homes and commercial buildings, these projects are often in small access and confined spaces that are impossible for heavy machinery and equipment to access and operate. For example, moving soil between buildings, leveling ground in a residential neighbourhood, digging trenches next to a home, or excavating a hole for a swimming pool in a typical backyard space.

To accomplish these tasks in small access and confined spaces cannot be done with standard heavy equipment because they are too large. Instead, many contractors and property owners result in using manual labour to get work done. However, there is a better way – hiring Dingo mini diggers.

Excavation Work in Small Access and Confined Spaces is Possible with Dingo Mini Diggers

If you need to move earth, dig fence posts and trenches, make preparations for a driveway, level soil for landscaping, or remove a tree stump near a home or commercial building in a confined space with small access, and you can’t use heavy machinery, and manual labour is not economically feasible, not to worry. Dingo mini diggers can get the job done quickly and affordably.

The Dingo mini digger is the ideal excavator for use in confined spaces where heavy machinery cannot access. In fact, no other machine in the industry is able to navigate narrower areas than the Dingo. This is why builders, contractors, landscapers, farmers, and property owners hire Dingo mini diggers when they need to move soil, dig trenches and post holes, remove tree stumps, or any other excavation work in small access areas.

Incredibly, the Dingo mini excavator is able to navigate through the narrow width of a standard residential doorway. No other mini excavator can do that, but don’t let the Dingo’s small size deceive you, it is as powerful as much larger machines.

Hiring a Dingo mini diggers is not difficult, and you don’t have to worry about finding an operator either. At Melbourne Mini Diggers, when you hire a Dingo excavator, you also get an experienced operator that will work with you to ensure that your project gets done right, on time.