Melbourne Mini Diggers in Ballarat and Surrounding Suburbs: Servicing Homes and Businesses with Small Access Areas

11 May 2018

When you own property with limited access space in the Ballarat area or the surrounding suburbs, you can rely on Melbourne Mini Diggers for expert excavation and other tasks that these machines can perform for you. With the help of our expert operators and efficient mini excavators, we can accomplish many of the tasks as well if not better than the full-size versions of the machines can since our diggers fit in more sizes of spaces. Read on to learn all of the tasks that we offer to our clients.

Rotary Hoeing

With a Dingo rotary hoe attachment, our mini diggers will cut a width of one metre and dig to a depth of 150 mm, even in untouched soil. Since the hoeing is done in reverse, the operator can see what he or she is doing at all times. Thanks to the hydraulically variable ground speed of this machine, the hoe can penetrate the hardest of soils with ease.


Our mini excavators perform trenching as easily as their full-size counterparts. In fact, since we use Dingos, they even outperform other brands that are the same size. Also, we stay with the job to back fill the trench once you are finished with your tasks, whether it includes cables, pipe or other reasons for trenching.

Dig Post Stump Holes

The mini excavators from our company make a quick job out of digging post stump holes. They can reach depths of up to 2.2 metres and create a diameter of 600 mm with the auger attachment.

Soil Moving

Moving soil from one part of the property to another is a difficult task at best, but our Dingo mini diggers perform this efficiently and safely. We can excavate the soil skillfully and then, carry, spread and level it before we leave the site.

Stump Grinding

What is unique about our Dingo mini excavators in comparison with other brands of these machines is the fact that they hang directly over the stump, and work back and forth to perform the grinding action. This feature allows these machines to be able to work at 90 degrees to the machine, which is ideal for small spaces. Also, the grinder attachment throws the debris away from the machine’s operator at all times.

Consult with our company to receive a quote of our services for your specific needs. Each of our machines comes with an expert operator. Also, click on the ‘Small Access’ section of our website to see visual examples of how these machines fit into small spaces with ease.