Melbourne Mini Diggers: Mini Diggers that You Can Hire for Weekend Projects

25 May 2017

If you have a weekend free to undertake yard maintenance, then you should consider hiring a mini digger. Hiring mini diggers makes any weekend yard project easier, especially if you have plans to move soil, clear land of weeds, dig post holes, remove a tree stump, or dig a trench to lay pipes.

Compared to the cost and time involved in hiring manual labour to tackle a weekend yard project, mini diggers can get the job done faster, and will make sure that all work you have planned gets done on time, at a price that will save you money. That’s because a mini digger can move earth, level land, clear weeds and grass, dig post holes and trenches, and remove tree stumps in a fraction of the time it takes manual labour using hand tools.

Mini digger have many attachments that can accomplish the same work as larger earth moving equipment, but are much smaller, easier to use, cheaper to hire, and can gain access to tight spaces. A mini digger can fit through any standard gate and door width, eliminating the need to remove a section of fencing as would otherwise be required for larger excavators, post hole drilling and stump grinding machinery.

Melbourne Mini Diggers Have Expert Operators Available With Every Hire

The benefits of hiring mini diggers from Melbourne Mini Diggers are many, as you not only get an expert operator that will turn up on time, but that will work with you to accomplish all the work you have planned. You will not need to look anywhere else to meet your project’s needs, that’s because dingo mini diggers have a range of attachments that meet any specific task you have planned.

Our mini diggers are perfect for use during any weekend yard project you have planned, in fact, most yard work conducted by homeowners involve the following:

  • Moving soil
  • Filling holes
  • Digging post holes
  • Digging trenches for utilities
  • Stump removal
  • Landscaping
  • Clearing vacant land
  • Remove debris

So, if you have a weekend free to work on your yard, don’t go it alone, hire a mini digger that comes with an experience operator to help you. Contact us here, at Melbourne Mini Diggers, we are happy to answer any question you have regarding pricing and about the work you have planned.