Melbourne Mini Diggers Now Servicing the Ballarat Area!!!

14 February 2018

As construction and landscaping needs rise around Melbourne, mini diggers are becoming more and more in demand as the go-to solution for moving soil, digging trenches, post holes, stump grinding, and for grading and loosing soil. Because of the increase in demand for mini diggers, Melbourne Mini Diggers is proud to announce the company’s extended service range to accommodate the Ballarat area.

Now, property owners, landscapers, and builders in Ballarat can hire mini diggers to help them with all of their earth moving needs.

Mini Diggers for Hire in Ballarat Area

Property owners, builders and landscaping services in Ballarat can now hire mini excavators and mini digger services to accomplish many tasks. Reliable earth moving services that are available from Melbourne Mini Diggers include the following:

Stump grinding – the stump grinding attachment for mini diggers is ideal for removing even the toughest tree stumps, as these can grind down to depths of 600 mm. No worrying about the waste generated from stump removal, this is because all remains will be hauled away by the mini digger operator. Mini diggers are ideal for stump removal because these can operate in tight areas next to buildings and fencing.

Post Holes – if you need to dig post holes, then our mini excavators can dig holes as wide as 600 mm in diameter and down to 2.2 m deep. The mini digger’s high-powered hydraulic system can accommodate large augers with precision accuracy.

Digging trenches – there are many times when mini excavators are better to use than larger machines. This is especially true in tight spaces near buildings, or when digging narrow trenches for utilities such as electric lines, landscape piping, plumbing, and cable lines.

Rotary hoeing – mini diggers with a rotary attachment are a landscaper’s best friend, as they are ideally used for loosening soil. Soil can be leveled down to six inches per pass, and mini diggers can go back and forth as many times as needed, to level land to the required depth.

Moving earth – mini diggers for hire in Ballarat include professional operators. Mini digger operators from Melbourne Mini Diggers are reliable professionals who turn up on time, and can efficiently move earth, and spread and level soil according to your specifications.

Melbourne Mini Diggers now has mini diggers for hire in Ballarat, with professionally trained operators that have experience working with builders, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, and residential property owners. Mini diggers for hire offer the ideal earth moving solutions people need, especially for use in tight spaces near buildings and fencing.

For more information about availability and pricing of our mini diggers, please contact Melbourne Mini Diggers today.