Mini Digger Accidents and Why Should There Be No Room for Errors

30 August 2017

When mini digger accidents occur, it can lead to all sorts of issues from a delay in a project to bodily harm. For this reason, there should never be room for errors in handling one of these machines. Learn about the type of accidents that can occur and how to prevent them before using a mini excavator on your next project.

Examples of Accidents That Can Occur with Mini Excavators

  1. One of the most common accidents to occur with these machines is that they tip over. At times, this happens when the machine is on a hill in the wrong position to prevent this issue from happening. Other times, there is an excessively heavy load on it that makes it tip over in the direction of the load. People have been trapped under mini diggers when these accidents happen during a project.
  2. Operators can damage utilities with a mini excavator if they dig in the wrong places. This can lead to large fines, repair bills and physical harm in certain cases.
  3. Operators and observers may suffer harm in mini digger accidents. Even minor accidents can cause bodily injuries.
  4. If a mini digger is not secured correctly, it can fall off the truck that is transporting it. An accident such as this might cause another accident in the process when the mini excavator is on route to a destination.
  5. In the event of mini digger is not in ideal condition, it could overheat and possibly catch on fire. When this occurs, all sorts of issues may result ranging from burning surrounding property to causing severe burns on people.

How to Prevent Mini Digger Accidents

  • Operators should be well trained
  • All project owners or managers should call 1100 before digging to ensure that they know where the utilities are in order to instruct the mini digger operators where to dig
  • Mini excavators need to be in prime operating condition all throughout the year and receive the proper servicing and maintenance
  • During transport, mini diggers need to be secured on the truck to prevent movement

Remember that mini digger accidents can cause a slowdown with the project, fines and repair bills if utilities are damaged, and bodily harm to operators and observers. All of these reasons are why there should be no room for errors when operating one of these machines. For further facts about this topic or to hire a mini digger, contact Melbourne Mini Diggers. We provide you with a quality mini excavator that is in prime condition and a professional operator to eliminate risk of errors.