Mini Digger Attachments That Help Increase Its Versatility

12 October 2018

Mini diggers work more efficiently in tight spaces that full-sized excavators do since the latter are too large and bulky. On top of this fact, the mini excavators are extremely versatile due to the many attachments that they can operate to perform a wide range of tasks. The truth of the matter is that these mini machines can handle everything from soil tilling to digging and moving dirt. Learn about some of the attachments that are available for these diggers in the following.

Buckets for Digging and Moving Soil

Various bucket attachments are available for mini diggers for digging and moving soil. One such model performs as a grabber, bucket, blade and leveler. A bucket is also available in different sizes to shift and load loose soil or other material. The Chipbark Bucket is specially designed to transport mulch and chipbark from one location to another. Thumb attachments used in conjunction with buckets rapidly transform them for diggers to material handlers.

Rippers Are Available to Conquer Tough Situations

With the help of a ripper, a mini excavator can cut through even rocky patches or other difficult ground conditions. You never need to let situations such as these get the best of you as a result.

Augers Drill Holes with Ease

In the event that you need holes drilled into your soil for one reason or another there are auger attachments for the mini diggers. In addition, a post hole attachment will prepare the soil at the right width and depth for any type of sign or other post.

A Rotary Hoe Attachment for Soil Tilling

The rotary hoe attachment provides a full one-metre cut and it digs to a generous depth of about 150 mm. Also, it operates with the mini excavator in reverse, so you can always see what you are doing with the hoeing.

Mini Diggers Also Can Use Trenchers Efficiently

Mini Excavators also can use trencher attachments efficiently. Whether you need to install pipe, electrical wiring, cable or other elements in a trench, these trenchers attachments not only dig the trench but also reverse to cover the trench to complete your project.

Remove a Stump without Issue with a Mini Digger and a Stump Grinder Attachment

A mini digger equipped with a stump grinder attachment can do away with a stump adeptly in tight spaces. Since the attachment works by swinging back and forth it throws the waste material away from the machine.

For additional facts about mini digger attachments that help increase its versatility, contact Melbourne Mini Diggers. We will ensure that you have the right attachment for your specific project.