Mini Diggers Can Contribute to Successful Trenching for New Water Pipes in Ballarat Area

13 December 2018

Before new water pipes can be installed in any location in Ballarat, a trench must be dug to the correct depth and width. While you may think that this task calls for a full-sized excavator, it really does not since a mini excavator or digger can perform the task adeptly and at times, better than a full-sized version. Learn more about how mini diggers can contribute to successful trenching for new water pipes in Ballarat in the following explanation.

Mini Excavators Use a Special Trencher Attachment to Perform Trenching

The way that mini diggers perform trenching tasks is through the use of a special trencher attachment. Since this attachment has a pulling chain with plenty of teeth and the fact the mini diggers provide an excellent power system, the trencher can adeptly cut through not only the soil but also any rocks, roots and other hard substances. Also, with this attachment, these diggers can reach a depth of one metre and obtain cut widths up to 300 millimetres.

Mini Diggers Can Work Efficiently in Small and/or Tight Spaces

Another benefit of turning to mini excavators for trenching is that they can work in any size of location, even ones that have limited space. Mini diggers are compact to the point where it does not take much space for them to move forward, back up or turn around.

Mini Excavators Will Backfill the Trench to Finish the Task

Once you finish installing the necessary new water pipes, these diggers can backfill to finish the job in the right manner. They will place the right amount of soil back over the pipes to protect the pipes from damage.

Mini Excavators Will Not Damage the Surrounding Landscape

You can rely on these excavators to perform trenching duties too due to the fact that they do not harm the surrounding landscape in the process. They are lightweight enough not to chew up landscape features to and from their transport trailers or in the process of digging trenches. You will not need to spend additional funds or time repairing issues that these machines cause unlike the full-sized excavators.

Mini Excavators Are a Cost-Effective Choice for Trenching

In comparison to the cost of the services of full-sized excavators, mini diggers are the cost-effective option for trenching. You will pay a mere fraction of the price when you choose these mini machines.

For additional details about how mini diggers can contribute to successful trenching for new water pipes in Ballarat, turn to Melbourne Mini Diggers. We specialise in providing mini excavators and skilled operators for many purposes, including trenching.