Mini Diggers for Big Site Cleanups

02 November 2017

It’s healthy to get the new employees outside and involved in work site cleanup, but the pleasure found in seeing your working muscle put to the test is mitigated somewhat by the drop in productivity. Besides, some projects just won’t yield to simple manpower, not in construction environments where tree stumps are stubbornly locked by deep root systems, or piles of leftover bricks, or even when you’re out in the back garden we call nature, and storm-dropped trees need to be shifted fast. A mini digger is the only practical answer, although you could call in a larger excavator. Just like with our hypothetical muscled employee, this perhaps isn’t the optimal response to the situation. No, a responsible foreman has to consider the big picture, and that big picture is often ruled by cost.

Take the mini digger path to success in your clean up approach. The tactic you employ here combines the best of both worlds, the mobility of your best worker and the hydraulic-backed muscle of a full-scale excavator, placing both attributes neatly in the reduced form of a mini digger. We’ve covered this aspect of the vehicle several times now, relating the relative low cost of renting or purchasing one, the capacity of the digger to run circles around larger machinery, and the overall suitability of the mini digger for smaller contractors, but what ties these attributes together? We’re about to append another operational feature onto this class of digger, one that’s fairly easy to infer when evaluating the above factors. We’re talking about the fast cycle time of a small digger. Basically, this machine can begin clean up, grab trash and debris in any of a number of adaptable bucket tools, and dump that rubbish before returning to pick up the next load.

As you can see, this cycling attribute enables the mini digger to pick up load after load, carry it out to an onsite dumpster, and return to do it all over again. A corresponding full-sized digger would still be on its first load and likely doing all sorts of contortions to get out to the dumping station. Thus, utilitarian functionality pairs perfectly with productivity to clear the biggest site in the quickest time. Assign an employee to accompany the vehicle on its rambles, someone who can bag smaller items and make sure the path is relatively clear for the digger. Also, consider the outline of the land, the inclines and substance of the soil. This digger is flexible, but you’ll maximize its performance by reinforcing the work with the right mini digger. Options include the addition of a 4-in-1 bucket and the selection of a wheeled model or one outfitted in rubber tracks, which makes a perfect fit for that lumber clearing operation.