Mini Diggers for Hire in Victoria

11 December 2015

Various tasks involve the movement of soil in some manner. You may need to landscape a piece of property, dig a trench to install utilities or even grind a stump to utilise the soil in a different manner. The trick to accomplishing any of these tasks is to hire the right company and machinery to perform your task in a quality manner. When you turn to mini excavators or mini diggers for hire in Victoria, you not only receive a reliable piece of machinery, but also an expert operator when you deal with our company.


Our Dingo mini excavators can hold their own with larger machines when it comes to trenching. In fact, there are times they are more useful for the tight places that often require trenches for the installation of utilities such as pipelines, electric lines and Internet cables.

Rotary Hoeing

If you are breaking fresh ground to plant a lawn or garden, the rotary hoe attachment for our mini excavators does an effective job of loosening up the soil to achieve a fine texture that is ideal for planting. Our operators watch carefully as they go back and forth over the area to ensure they dig down to the six-inch depth that experts recommend for planting seeds, bulbs or seedlings.

Post Holes

We will dig post holes up to 2.2 m and 600 mm in diameter. Our mini excavators can perform this large of a task thanks to its hydraulic system that allows it to handle even large augers. The post-hole drive head powers the augers down into the soil at the correct depth and width of your fence or other posts.

Soil Moving

Mini diggers for hire in Victoria also are the way to go when you require experts to perform soil moving on a piece of property. Our company excavates, carries, spreads and levels the soil, according to your specifications.

Stump Grinding

Our Company also offers stump grinding to depths of 600 mm. The stump grinder attachment swings side to side and also forward to perform its task. Through these types of movement, the waste from the stump is thrown away from our operator the entire time, and this enables him or her to work in tight areas.

Contact Melbourne Mini Diggers the next time you require a professional to perform any of the above tasks. We provide mini diggers for hire in Victoria, Australia.