Mini Excavator: Your Best Option for Projects That Require Narrow Space Access

05 December 2018

When project sites do not contain sufficient space for full-sized diggers or excavators, the project managers or property owners need a viable alternative. This is where mini excavators or diggers are invaluable to the success of the project’s preparation tasks. Since these machines are a fraction of the size of the full-sized excavators, they are ideal for projects that require narrow space access. Not only can mini diggers perform the same functions as their large-sized counterparts, they can do so with added finesse in small or narrow places.

Mini Excavators Are Compact in Size and Easy to Manoeuvre

The mini diggers are low to the ground and compact in size, making them ideal for narrow areas or those areas with limited space. They also are highly manoeuvrable in tight, narrow or limited access areas. Whether they need to back up, turn around or inch forward, they can do so without becoming stuck or having issues since the space is so restricted. On top of this, these machines can perform a wide variety of tasks beyond just moving dirt, which we discuss in depth later in another section.

Mini Diggers Work without Damaging the Surrounding Landscape

While full-sized diggers will tear up the landscape simply from traversing to and from the work site, mini excavators are lightweight enough to travel over the landscape without disturbing it in a major way. As a result, you will not need to re-landscape once the mini diggers complete their tasks.

Mini Excavators Can Use Numerous Attachments to Perform Necessary Functions at a Project Site

You may be thinking that the only task that the mini diggers are good for is moving dirt, but you are so wrong. These machines can use a variety of attachments to proficiently perform the following functions:

  • Preparing site of the pouring of concrete foundations, driveways, walkways or other features
  • Moving and spreading loads of soil, gravel or mulch
  • Landscape excavation along with hoeing and tilling
  • Digging accurate post holes with efficiency by using an auger attachment
  • Removal of trash or scrap materials
  • Trenching for utilities and other purposes
  • Cleanup of sites
  • Removal of tree stumps

For further information about why a mini excavator is your best option for projects that require narrow space access, rely on Melbourne Mini Diggers. We provide reliable, quality mini excavators along with highly skilled operators for all of the functions listed above and more. Our company will provide you a personalised quote upon your request of any of our services that you require for your project.