Post and Stump Hole Drilling Services in Ballarat Area

30 March 2018

The need for post and stump hole drilling services in Ballarat has increased over the years, as commercial and residential areas are developing. To meet the need, Melbourne Mini Diggers in the Ballarat area have dingo mini diggers for hire.

Dingos are the most suitable type of machinery to use around residential homes and commercial properties, especially for stump hole drilling work, such as fence preparation and post hole drilling, as well as for all types of earthwork projects.

Post and Stump Hole Drilling Experts

If you have plans that require installing fencing, decking, or piers, or any other project that needs holes drilled, then you can count of Melbourne Mini Diggers to get the job done. Our dingo operators are experts in stump hole and post hole drilling, they have all the necessary equipment and know-how needed to work with you in preparing all areas that need hole drilling work done, some examples are as follows:

Post hole drilling and fence preparation – Melbourne Mini Diggers have the equipment and experienced dingo operators that can save you from the laborious work of digging fence post holes. Hire a dingo mini digger and you will get the fence holes drilled in a short amount of time, with each hole being the exact depth and width that you need.

House pier holes – when it comes to building a home, setting the foundation properly is vital, especially for homes on piers or piles. Foundation holes need to be perfectly positioned and spaced apart, and drilled to the required depth. Melbourne Mini Diggers can make sure that every house pier hole is drilled with precise accuracy.

Decking holes – adding a deck to a home is an exciting project, and while many homeowners have ventured to do it themselves – digging stump holes by hand. Pier holes, much like home foundation holes, need to be well lined up and drilled to the right depth, a truly laborious manual task, indeed. But with the help of a dingo mini digger and a stump hole driller, you will get the perfect holes dug for your deck, without having to break your back or risk injury in the process.

Post and Stump Hole Drilling Ballarat Area

At Melbounre Mini Diggers, customer satisfaction is our main objective, and when hired to conduct post and stump hole drilling projects, you can expect the best. Our expert operators will make sure that all work is carried out to your precise specifications, quickly, and safely.