Post Hole Digging Safety Precautions: The Proper Use of Mini Augers

25 February 2021

There are a lot of reasons behind carrying out the post hole digging operations. The holes that will be dug by certain equipment can be used for setting up the fence. They can likewise be used to set up signposts that can be helpful for certain properties. The planting of saplings can also be done through these holes.

One equipment that can carry out post hole digging operations is the mini auger. Mini augers are powerful tools that can dig holes at several lengths and widths. They can be very useful for decks and fences installation and other construction projects that require excavation. Aside from post hole digging, mini augers can also be helpful for the installation of termite bait stations, tilling of garden beds, removal of clogs and other debris, and digging of irrigation trenches.

To maintain the safety of mini auger operations, here are some safety precautions that must be followed.

Conduct an Initial Assessment

Before starting the operations, the operator should assess the mini auger first. This assessment can be very helpful in identifying the condition of the mini auger and its components. Two components that must be checked are the screw bit and the teeth. If they already possess some damages, then they must be replaced right away as the mini auger may not be effective in digging holes. Damaged components can even cause equipment damage and generate safety concerns. Aside from components, the operator should also check the pressure settings, the hydraulic oil flow, and the power source’s controls.

Study the Operator’s Manual

The operator’s manual of a mini auger is comprised of all the necessary procedures, steps, and warnings that can be very helpful in maintaining the safe operations of the mini auger. Reading over the said manual can help the operator know more about the basics of operating a specific type of mini auger as well as guide the operator if ever something comes up.

Identify Obstacles and Elements

Post hole digging will be stopped right away if ever the operator suddenly hit an underground utility line. The operation might even take a very long time to finish just because the mini auger cannot truly dig the underground. Failure to understand the elements that can be found underground will only cause interruptions and problems along the way, which is why identifying all the buried lines as well as the true formation of the underground soil must be done first. Obstacles that can hinder the mini auger operations must likewise be removed whenever possible.

Start the Mini Auger Properly

Once all the parameters of the site have been identified and established, the mini auger operations can now start. Starting the mini auger must still be done properly so that the health of the operator and other site personnel will be maintained. The engine of the mini auger must warm up effectively so that it can operate flawlessly. Site personnel should also be kept away from the engine exhaust muffler so that they will not be able to inhale high amounts of toxic carbon monoxide.

To maintain stable mini auger operations, the operators should maintain proper body positioning. They should also wear gloves and other necessary equipment to minimise fatigue and increase productivity. For more tips on how to use mini auger properly, just contact us at Melbourne Mini Diggers.