Post Hole Digging Simplified and Made Fast

28 February 2020

Post hole digging is usually done to build a fence, install a sign, place bollard posts, or even plant trees. The conventional way of digging post holes is through the use of a shovel. However, digging with a shovel takes a very long time before reaching the preferred depth of the hole. To save time, you must know how your digging supplies work for a more productive digging activity.

The Secret in Post Hole Digging 

Saving time will solely depend on your digging action. If you insist on digging hard rocky and sandy soil, then you will be wasting a lot of your precious time. Rocky soil is very tough to dig and move. This specific type of soil can even damage your tools. Sandy soil, on the other hand, will just keep on pouring back into the hole as you dig.

When digging, you must target and work with cohesive soils like clay first. To make the digging faster, you can soak the ground with cohesive soil since it breaks up easily when wet.

The Power of Different Digging Tools

From shovels to mini diggers, all these tools can provide specific digging qualities that can help you in different situations and applications. Nevertheless, some of these tools can readily provide you faster digging action compared to others. If you want to know the fastest way to dig post holes, then you must check the following out.

  • Shovel

Standard and conventional shovels cannot provide great results when used in digging post holes. A great alternative when digging post holes is to use a specialised post hole shovel with a rounded point. This type of shovel has great digging power and control while minimising muscle strain.

  • Manual Post Hole Digger

A manual post hole digger has a range of styles that can suit different types of digging projects. A traditional post hole digger can be used by simply thrusting the blades in the ground and then pulling the handles apart. This action will collect and lift the soil to the ground.

Another type of manual post hole digger is scissor-action diggers, which are suitable for rocky soils. A double-pivot and offset digger, on the other hand, is designed to dig deeper and narrower holes.

  • Powered Post Hole Digger

The first two digging tools are only applicable to small digging projects. The powered post hole digger, alternatively, is recommended for digging a huge number of holes under time pressure. Powered post hole diggers work just like manual post hole diggers. The only difference with these powered post hole diggers is that these diggers will do the digging action for you. All you have to do is to keep the digger on course.

  • Mini Digger

Perhaps the fastest digging option to date is the use of mini diggers. Mini diggers rely on hydraulics to keep the digging action consistent. As a matter of fact, their digging action is very similar to heavy-duty diggers. Aside from dependable digging, mini diggers are also great for digging works since they are versatile. If you need to transfer some debris out of the digging site, you can just replace the digger’s attachment with buckets.

Post hole digging can be easily finished through the use of mini diggers. To hire one for your post hole digging project, you can give us a call now at Melbourne Mini Diggers.