Practical Applications and Versatility of a Dingo for Small Access Areas

12 August 2015

One of the primary advantages of a Dingo is its capability to access small and confined areas. In point of fact, the Dingo can easily fit through a standard size doorway. Combine the Dingo with its accessory tools, and you have a multi-purpose piece of equipment that has the ability to tackle large renovation jobs in hard to reach places.

Whether you need holes dug for fencing in a tight corner or you desire a small access area excavated for concrete, the compact design of a Dingo is ideal for the job. In fact, it has the ability to be adapted to match your individual requirements for a project. It does not matter if you need a trencher or bucket, a post hole digger or rotary hoe; it takes minimal time to easily convert the Dingo to suit the job.

Attachments for Small Access Areas

The design and physical size of the Dingo can fit into limited confined spaces where larger machines cannot access. It is also a prevailing piece of machinery with fantastic ground speed, amazing digging power and increased hydraulic flow. And when it comes to getting the job done safely and as fast as possible, the Dingo still maintains par excellence whilst still having the ability to fit through a standard door.

Here are a few of the attachments that come in handy when you need to access small areas:


If you need to dig a trench about 900 mm (3 feet) deep then the trencher is an indispensable attachment. It is especially useful if you need a trench for hard to get areas such as plumbing, electrical cables or drainage. The trencher is capable of breaking up hard ground such as clay. It can also help break up the soil in close-fitting areas where weeds have gotten out of control.

Post Hole Auger

When you need to dig holes for posts, plants or other items, the post hole auger is ideal. This small machine has the ability to handle large augers. It can dig holes up to an immense 600mm (24 inches) in diameter and to a depth of 2.2 meters (7.21 feet). The attachment truly comes in handy when you need to dig a hole in areas where big equipment cannot access. As well, smaller machines cannot come close to the massive digging range this auger has.

Stump Grinder

The stump grinding attachment has ultimate flexibility. Instead of using a pivot between the cutters and the operator it hangs directly over the stump, swinging back and forth. It has the ability to work at 90° and also in the direction of the machinery’s movement. That way all waste matter is thrown away from the operator.

The stump grinder also has the ability to quickly change from right, left and forward. This enables it to fit into tight corners and hard to reach places.