Reasons Why Mini Excavators Play a Huge Role in Construction

30 October 2015

Whether for business or residential needs, mini excavators are ideal for digging on a construction site. These multifaceted machines are packed with power and are extremely versatile. In truth, the mini excavator will allow you to do a lot of construction work with minimal costs and effort.

The demand for mini excavators is quite high, especially in urban areas. This is because there is a need for lighter equipment due to hard to reach places. As well, the mini digger has different bucket sizes and various attachments, making it very versatile.

Easy to Use and Operate

One of the biggest assets of a mini digger is that it is easy to operate. In fact, almost anyone can use it. Learning to operate the machinery is nearly instantaneous. And because it is simple to operate, costs are reduced with labor and liability.

Gets into Tight Places

Because the mini digger is able to get into tight places, it is one of the most sought after pieces of equipment around. Compared to a full-size rig, the mini excavator is a lot more versatile to operate plus it is quite a bit smaller in size. It can effortlessly get through gates, tight corners of construction sites and other hard to reach places.

Noise Reduction

Compared to larger machines, the mini digger produces a lot less racket. In fact, you can drive over hard surfaces like cement and not stress about noise. In addition, the engine is much quieter and more discreet in sound.

Tires Cause Less Damage

There is no denying that heavy equipment can cause a lot of damage to a site. The weight alone will create crevices, indentations and skid marks on the surface. However, mini diggers cause far less damage than bigger devices. In fact, the rubber tracks on a mini digger have a very light footprint. The rubber tracks prevent slipping when loading and transporting. In addition, the mini excavator can move across constricted spaces with minimal damage.

Dumping Height is Not Restrictive

Mini diggers are able to swing into a 360 degree angle. It can effortlessly turn a different direction so the load is where it needs to be. This is extremely helpful when heavy equipment like a dump truck can only be parked in certain areas. The mini digger easily maneuvers into the preferred location.

Transport is Easier

One of the most difficult challenges with big machines is transporting. They are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to load onto a bed for transport. Smaller devices like the mini digger are so much more convenient. They are easy to load and do not require a semi-truck to haul. Actually, some mini excavators actually fit into an extended pickup bed.