Remove Annoying Tree Stumps with a Dingo Stump Grinder

16 December 2019

Sometimes, we tend to overlook some details of our yard or properties when we first move there. There are instances where a property would look flat and clean, only to find out that there might be some hidden obstacles along the way. We just discover them whenever we build an additional storage room, garage, or home extension on our unused space. One of the most common obstacles in our property is tree stumps.

When a tree has been cut, it leaves a small portion of its trunk and roots in the ground. Without proper tools or equipment, this remaining tree part, which is known as a tree stump, will be difficult to remove. Believe it or not, tree stumps can pose a problem to property owners in the long run since an additional removal process must be done to continue with your construction project.

The Wonders of Dingo Stump Grinder

Luckily, there is equipment that can get rid of tree stumps. The equipment that is capable of removing tree stumps is the Dingo stump grinder.

What makes Dingo stump grinder effective in removing tree stumps is that it is portable and powerful. Most stump grinders have pieces of machinery that are too wide for tight and small locations. With conventional stump grinders, some parts of the property must be modified so that these machines can enter. Some stump grinders can even damage parts of the property involved in the project.

With your Dingo stump grinder, you can expect it to access any point of your property given its compact size. And even if it carries compact engine around, you are ensured that the Dingo stump grinder is powerful enough to remove annoying tree stumps all over your backyard and property. This stump grinder can grind the stump down up to 2 feet below the ground.

Added Benefits of Dingo Stump Grinder

The qualities of Dingo stump grinder do not stop on its grinding capabilities. The power option for this type of stump grinder is so convenient that it does need any dedicated engine to operate. Dingo stump grinder relies on its hydraulic system to power the whole machine, making it weigh less and move more comfortably.

As the grinding commences, the shavings produced from Dingo stump grinder can be used as mulch for your garden if ever you have one. Wood chips from the grinding activity can help reduce evaporation of soil moisture. These chips can also be added to the overall design of your yard.

Aside from its compact size and mobility, the Dingo stump grinder can have a very useful attachment. This attachment is specially designed to match the Dingo stump grinder and to make it effective in the field. The stump grinder attachment can easily adjust to throw left or right. This attachment also increases the precision and accuracy of the grinder, which can be very helpful with tree stumps that are located near fences, buildings, posts, and pipes.

If you are thinking of hiring a Dingo stump grinder for your tree stumps, then go ahead. You won’t feel any regrets when you hire one as it can exceed your expectations when grinding your tree stumps. If you want to know more about this stump grinder, contact us today at Melbourne Mini Diggers. We can offer trenching and excavation services, garden preparation, stump grinding, and many more.